I pit people who worship Quentin Tarantino or other people

There are no great men, especially not QT. Yes, his films are great, but he is NOT a ‘great’ man. God, I went on IMDB weeks ago and heard him referred to as a ‘prophet.’ He’s just a geek who makes great films and is out for profit like all men.

There are no FUCKING GREAT MEN, AND I’M FUCKING TIRED OF FUCKING HEARING ABOUT THEM. EINSTEIN? NOT GREAT. CECIL? STRAIGHT NOPE. Sure, their accomplishments are great, but ‘great’ is no man’s title (or woman’s, for that matter).

All men are just fucking fallible fucks w/ their dicks in their hands who are out for money and pussy. Fuck.

I can name one not great man right now (see above).

Some people really are great, and belittling them cause you’re a loser asswipe of the first order is really pathetic. Though I do agree that Tarantino shouldn’t be anywhere near such a list.

Not claiming he’s a great man, but I’m willing to bet that Harvey Fierstein is not just out for money and pussy.

I didn’t just pull the idea out of my ass, Silentgoldfish- it’s on this page called something to the effect of ‘a short laundry list of cosmic truths.’ That doesn’t mean it’s fact :D, no, but consider what I’m saying:

Men are just fucking FALLIBLE and GREEDY and OUT FOR GAIN, and having HEROES and IDOLS is fucking BULLSHIT, Silentgoldfish- Einstein was a kid like you and I once, he masturbated under the covers ;). Then he grew up and wondered how he could get rich; even as he went out into the world and did things that were great (that’s where I allow the word), he’s not a great man b/c in the end he would’ve probably sold the theory of relativity for the chance at retirement in the Bahamas. :smiley:

One of the only things of worth in The Bible to an agnostic/atheist is this verse I discovered, Proverbs 28:21:

To have respect of persons is not good: for for a piece of bread that man will transgress.

Solomon had it right- for a piece of bread most men, even these ‘great’ men would probably have transgressed. Even for those who don’t, no man is ‘great’- he is still just a fallible, mortal, hopeless animal that is a human being. :smiley:

One day, you will turn 15, and on that day I hope you stop acting like such a fucking stereotypical teenager.

I need clarification on this statement- not sure how stereotypical teens act.

But all of this, I need to point out, is a positive thing- that’s what it is for me- b/c it’s all about realizing your potential in the world and being realistic about the world. That’s what this is about, not about, as I think you’re implying above, being moody and hating the world, not at all, but at just having a vehemence for those who limit themselves by putting these people on a pedestal. That’s what it’s all about.

Tarantino films are “great”? When did that happen? For the most part, his movies are entertaining, and in its day Pulp Fiction was novel, but “great”?

Anyway, if the concept of “greatness” has any validity, I’d have no problem putting Einstein in there, along with Isaac Newton, da Vinci, Shakespeare, Mozart, Beethoven and a handful of others. I don’t feel diminished in the process one bit.

“Great” does not mean “perfect”.

That cause like most people you don’t feel the need to deny others’ accomplishments to justify the lack of your own like a certain OP seems to have the need to.

When I was a teenager, I remember thinking much the same thing you did, and saying, “I don’t look up to people; I look across at them.” I said that because (though I would have literally laughed at the thought at the time) I didn’t want to face up to how powerless I felt. Perhaps someday you’ll realize you can step up onto a pedestal as well, rather than finding the view from the ground limiting and wishing to tear down the pedestals you see. People who are seen as great have accomplished impressive works of intelligence/perseverance/charity/etc. in spite of being a flawed human, and not many of us flawed humans can say that.


A little bitter, are we? A wee bit cynical?

Look, only an idiot would think that anyone is perfect. “Great men” (and women, for that matter, did you forget about them?) are people, after all. But all men are just greedy fallible fucks out for money and fame? How many people do you know? I know MANY very accomplished people who are indeed very humble and good folks.

Shit, man, did you know Einstein personally? Can you really factually state that he would have “sold” the Theory of Relativity for retirement in the Bahamas, as you put it? If you’re going to criticize him, criticize him for his known, factual flaws - he was absolutely terrible in his relationships with women, generally leaving them high and dry at the first sign that he needed to be responsible for children, or when he got tired of them. So? He was less than perfect. In fact, he had serious flaws, just like most people. Nonetheless, he singlehandedly changed the direction of modern physics. Even though Relativity is actually “wrong” (we know that Quantum Mechanics must be how the universe really works), it opened up an entirely new understanding of the way the world works, and entire fields of study. That makes him a great man, which is phrase generally understood to refer to someone’s accomplishments, not necessarily their entire personality. Got a problem with that? Tough. Grow up and get over it.

I’m with you on Quentin Tarantino, though. He’s technically brilliant, but all his movies say to me is that he’s seen a lot of movies, himself. In fifty years, all his films will be laughably anachronistic, studied only by film studies students in the context of the time of their release and the films that inspired them. So, yeah, he’s lame… but so’s your rant.

…and, of course, Silentgoldfish and Ferret Herder said it far better than I possibly could have.

I look up to lots of people. I hope someday to become the kind of person that others look up to, but that’s something I can only aspire to. If I do indeed manage to become the good person I wish to be, I see no reason to stop admiring the example of the great men and women who set examples for all of us.

I have accomplished far less in my 20 years, and will probably accomplish far less in my entire life, than people like Stephen Hawking, or Martin Luther King, Jr, or Lucretia Mott or Lynn Margulis (uh, just the first name that came to mind, heh). I’m comfortable with that. Are you?

Within the limited context of modern cinema, QT is, in fact, a great man. Outside of that, he’s something of an idiot. See the difference?

“Great” is a relative term. Sure, Einstein had flaws. He had a boatload of them. So do you, so does everyone else. But in addition to having normal, human flaws, Einstein also redefined the way we conceive of the world on its most fundamental level. There have been less than a dozen world-shaking visionaries of that caliber throughout the history of man. If he doesn’t qualify as great, then the word has no meaning.

Now, I do agree with the OP that Quentin Tarantino isn’t a great man, by those standards. But unlike the OP, I’m familiar with the concept of hyperbole, so I’m not going to get all worked up about it.

Andrew - what’s your personal definition of ‘great’?
Just out of curiosity, how old are you?

There are degrees of “great”, andrewt85 . Not everything need be black or white. Maybe the person who referred to Tarantino as a prophet is a film school student with aspirations of becoming a well-known director. After all, Tarantino (a high school drop-out) started as an extra on The Golden Girls and 4 years later was winning at Sundance with Reservoir Dogs, and continues today to be successful and creative. In my humble opinion, his ambition, talent, and accomplishments are pretty great.

Is your complaint that all men are assholes, or that the qualifier “great” is mis-used?

Here, on the Nobel Peace Prize website, is a list of “Great Men” that have been universally recognized as having those qualities that others admire.

Tenzin Gyatso (The Dalai Lama) is Great (IMHO), for all of the work he has done in raising awareness for human rights and peace.

What qualifier would you give to a man who devotes his entire life to teaching peace and kindness to all of humanity?

Alexander and Peter got some 'splaining to do…

I don’t worship people either. I don’t have any heros or idols. I don’t have posters of famous people on my walls. I don’t know any famous quotes by heart, nor do I feel particularly influenced by any one person, famous or otherwise.

But I do recognize the existence of extraordinary people. Tarantino wouldn’t be one for me because I’m not a film geek, but it’s hard not to think of someone like Muhammad Ali and not think: “Man, that is one great man.”

I’m assuming you’re young? Maybe you just happened stumbled across an inspiration yet. Maybe you haven’t needed inspiration yet. Your day will come.

Do you find it easier to insult someone than to praise them? You should find calling someone “asshole” or “dumbass” just as hard as calling them “great”, if we’re all equal in our failings and flaws. But I get a feeling these names roll off your tongue with much ease.

What do you think?

Have you thought of taking this act of yours on the road?

According to his profile, he is 14. Are you surprised? :slight_smile: