I pit semen trees and all involved parties.

NotMrKnowItAll, They have them at Scripps College in Claremont, SoCal. But, as I recall, the pungent season is thankfully only a few weeks, so you’d have to get someone there to let you in on the timing.

But it’s an awfully long way from Dallas. Perhaps you could come up with an easier way of arriving at a similar olfactory sensation.

And here I was thinking that my crotch smelled like wood. Who would’ve thunk it’d be the other way around…

There’s a whole block of these Cum Trees over in Pacific Beach. It is affectionately known by my cohorts as “The Tunnel of Love” because the trees line both of the streets.

It cracks me up every time.

Hereabouts, the sperm-smelling trees are ligustrum (Japanese privet).

Ya know… now I can’t help but wonder what the selection pressure was which created the ‘sperm tree’ branch of the ol’ evolutionary tree.

Some very… interesting… birds?

Well, when you think about it, pollen is basically tree jizz…

In local weather news, the tree-jizz count is high. Allergy sufferers are advised to leave the house with condoms on their noses.

spbm, you’re my new favoritest poster.

Could it be Tree pheromones?

I guess they need something to attract the opposite sex as well…

Could they possibly be Hooker Eveningprimrose AKA.
Oenothera hookeri? Or maybe the Juniperus occidentalis Hooker :stuck_out_tongue:

I love you, SDMB, for in the face of my whiny bitchings about semen trees, you provide me with laughter, empathy, warmth, love, and cold hard facts. And some firm lukewarm ones as well. Facts that is.

Thanks everyone.

I suspect Oenothera Onanosa.

(Word play off Oenothera Speciosa.)

Maybe, just maybe, I won’t burst out quoting this when someone mentions their allergies at work tomorrow. :smiley:

Tree-jizz. Now there’s a term that will make your next springtime jaunt in the woods mentally equivalent to being the receiver at a bukkake party.

That would make one hell of a sig line.

Well, as bad as these trees sound (I’ve never encountered any), they can’t possibly be worse than ginko trees. In the fall, they drop thousands of squishy berries that smell exactly like dog crap. Back at campus (St. Joseph’s Uni., in Philly), we called 'em Shitberries. And some of us had to walk about a quarter-mile past the damn trees, tiptoeing because the sidewalk was caked with the berry remnants, and once you got that stuff on your shoes the smell wouldn’t come out for days.

I’ll take a sperm tree any day over those horrid ginkos.

Quite a few fungi have a ‘spermatic odor’ as well. Pretty startling the first time you run across it in the field ( or in my case on a wet wood platform below a leaky water-heater on which was growing a might patch of Peziza domestica/Pyronema domesticum ).

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At UVM, there is a stand of trees that smell like rotting flesh when in bloom. Apparently it’s to attract flies to spread pollen. Around late summer the smell carries for quite some distance.

Bad Vagina.

Smells great at the time, but 36 hours later when your pubies are still stuck together…

Can you please put us out of our misery and have the tree identified. Cecils investigation has proved fruitless.

Perhaps take a photo and post it so a botanist can identify it. If you send me a photo I can have it identified for you.

Please. This is one of the great mysteries.

Ahhh, smell the cuntree air.

This quote fell off the end of my last post. :smack: