The Sperm Trees of Los Angeles

In light of the subject matter’s obscurity and generally odious nature, I am posting this thread somewhat reluctantly. However, when I read in Cecil’s bonus column Sperm Trees of Los Angeles that others had similarly related the smell of some trees to ejaculate, I couldn’t deny my distasteful curiosity.

I’m writing this post on the admittedly longshot hope that somebody else will identify the fruitless pear (also called flowering pear) tree as the offensive plant. I’ve lived in Modesto, CA for almost 20 years, and have frequently been prompted to hold my nose in the presence of these trees. In my opinion, they smell very convincingly of semen; others, friends and family, disagree.

A (very) cursory look on Google yielded at least one sympathizer, as well as some of the strangest forums I’ve ever had the unpleasantness of encountering on our vast internet.

On PlantFiles , Terry from Murfreesboro, TN commented delicately that the smell is “offputting to say the least.”

On a much more colorful forum, second post from last, a poster named Mel appears to have had the same experience as I. Not only is Mel lucid on the smell of the tree, but also the tendency of some city planners to go more than slightly overboard with their placement of the things. In certain times of the year, much of Modesto smells like a lascivious act.

I don’t know what good continuing this discussion will do, but I can’t resist the allure that somebody here may be able to reciprocate my observations.

*p.s. - The link I provided to PlantFiles]PlantFiles contains a better description of the tree than I could possibly muster, as well as photographs. *

Don’t know if they’ll have the info you’re looking for, but a couple of threads on the subject can be found here and here.

Actually, those are pretty much precisely what I’m looking for, particularly the second one. Brain Wreck and a couple of others made similar observations of the fruitless pear trees, which is good enough confirmation for me that I’m not just some sort of horticultural pervert. Or, if I am, I’m not alone. Thank you!

You’re most welcome.

I’m just glad I don’t live near 'em. :wink: