I pit singing Christians not wearing masks

I am now in a house where FOX is on a lot. I am never in the room but sometimes I hear things from another room. Today one of Tucker’s lead stories was about some Christians who were cited, and a couple of them arrested, for not wearing masks at a public event in Idaho. Tucker said, "Was this Moscow, Idaho, or Moscow, Russia? My God what a wit he has ( the vile Laura Ingram repeated it later).

I waited a few hours for news stories to come out that were not from right-wing or Christian sites, which were predictably hysterical. This is what happened - the event was organized by a pastor, Ben Zornes, to protest against the mask ordinance in the town. He told the people there that they might get cited or arrested. Until today, no one has been cited.

[Police Chief] Fry said the department has been “very lenient” on enforcing the order and that officers have tried to work with groups to prevent situations like the church’s mask protest.

“But at some point in time you have to enforce,” Fry said.

Zornes said police officers calmly made it clear they were going to enforce the face mask order with arrests, but said the arrests were not justified.

“We were just singing songs,” Zornes said.

No, you were blatantly breaking the law you fucking moron. I thought law and order was supposed to be important to Trumpers. One of the people who was arrested went on Ingram’s show to complain about the tyranny of the police arresting him. Must have missed that part when he read about civil disobedience. Ingram said that until now there had been about 300 cases of COVID, and no deaths. Wonder why?

Moscow, Idaho has about the same population as my hometown, where I am now. Until restrictions were relaxed and the students came back, only a few cases. Then there were a few hundred and rising quickly and restaurants went back to take out only, and mask ordinances enforced, and now there are no new cases.

We wanted to make a statement we’re ready to head back to normal,” Zornes told the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

He can have his normal, I’ll take mine.


These maskholes are mostly members of Christ Church. It is a far-right nutjob religion lead by Doug Wilson who thinks slavery in the US wasn’t a big deal.

There is a lot more bad history with this nutty group of morons.

Pff, Idaho’s gonna Idaho.

True, true.

The numbnuts had another psalm sing last night and now the city is cancelling today’s farmers market due to threats and anticipated protests:

The white supremacy group, Proud Boys, are descending on Portland today as well. Looks to be a great white revival in the northwest. :nauseated_face:

Reviving this thread to link to a new article about the zany Christ Church out of Moscow, ID:

Nothing says “love your neighbor” like spreading communicable diseases. Just like Christians don’t wear condoms when employing prostitutes. /sarcasm

There’s apparently a real feeling among the more fundamentalist/evangelical/conservative Christian sects that things like restrictions on worship services are some sort of violation of the separation of church and state.

Never mind that it’s a universal issue- it’s not like the local governments are applying this differently to Christian churches vs. synagogues, mosques, Buddhist temples, etc… Or anything else- they’re generally blanket prohibitions on gatherings above a certain size, or mask-wearing requirements that are independent of religion.

Anyway, if it’s not a real feeling, the lizard politicians on that side of the aisle are trying to make it so- Texas just passed a proposition yesterday that reads as follows:

Sec.6-a. This state or a political subdivision of this state may not enact, adopt, or issue a statute, order, proclamation, decision, or rule that prohibits or limits religious services, including religious services conducted in churches, congregations, and places of worship, in this state by a religious organization established to support and serve the propagation of a sincerely held religious belief.[5]

So basically in the face of some sort of contagion in the future, the state is now prohibited from limiting or stopping religious services. What a bunch of geniuses we’ve elected, huh?

Two-tiered citizenship. How nice.

Fuck that guy sideways with a piledriver, and then force him to pick cotton for forty years while wearing iron shackles. Then have him write a new pamphlet rhapsodizing about the affection between slave and slaver. Praise the lord. Amen.

The wanton slut deserves whatever she catches.
/more sarcasm