I pit small town busybodies!

I deliver pizzas, and I have had other transportation jobs. I have worked in various types of neighborhoods, and I have to say that small towns have the nosiest ass bastards!

I have had people asked me if I had a business permit to deliver pizzas, WTF? I work for a company, I don’t need one you foamy drooling ass-finger-sniffing doofusii!

Then you have those who want my full name, “in case” something suspicious goes on.

Don’t get me started with old people! Gawd do they have anything better to do than to STARE at me from their window or front door, if I happen to pull over for some reason. I hope they get hit by the casino shuttle that takes them to the slots where they piss away their retirement money!

This is my favorite - am I legally documented to work in the US? I was asked that TWICE!


Well, not to be insulting, but, IIRC, you are a 300+ pound butch lesbian. Old ladies are going to stare. The rest of your rant is valid- small towns are full of busybodies, for sure.

Hmmm. I always pictured Diamonds02 as a slim androgynous person, from previous posts.

Who asks pizza delivery people their name or work eligibility? No one, that’s who.

Time to go back on your meds. You are unhinged, diamonds02.

I understand that you might have issues with the OP from previous threads, but you are being an asshole here. There’s nothing unhinged about her post here. It seems quite reasonable to me.

Is the OP bonded?

I have been saving it up.

I don’t understand; when are you being asked these rather inappropriate questions? When you are at the front door waiting to be paid for the pizza? :confused:

In what possible context could such questions arise?

Only with proper safewords in place.

$17.95 for this?

Say buddy, let’s see your Identification and citizenship?

No shit.

I want to know where she lives, because it sounds like a hilarious place!

This. Not that I claim to have followed her posts faithfully, but I’ve never seen anything to indicate either obesity or… butchity?

No, you weren’t.

I am feeling kind of weird now because a lot of what she posts(not the harassing people for kicks stuff) sounds familiar to me, but apparently not to most people. :confused:

The people wanting my full name, are the people I deliver to. Weird, I know.

The other questions are asked by random people in the neighborhood, who flag me down.

I said I was butchish, myself.

But the obesity assumption was weird. Apparently there was something going around that I was big. And I made a joke about it like month ago.


Nothing in the OP sounds remotely familiar, and I delivered pizza for a year. Including to a state mental hospital. None of that ever happened to me.

I am posting this because Diamonds02 is my hero.

Nevermind. I thought you were implying that you’ve seen my posts somewhere else.

But yeah, I’m shocked that a lot of stuff that I post are somehow things that a lot of dopers have never experienced or observed.