I Pit Split_p_j

My first pitting!

This tool comes out guns blazing in the Derek Chauvin thread claiming to have a smoking gun, but when shown that the gun is actually a steaming turd, just keeps repeating the same nonsense again and again.

I’m guessing this guy is about as Black as David Duke.

Truther finds a new conspiracy theory to repeat ad infinitum. Film at 11.

I… I kinda feel sorry for him. He went in with what he thought was a slam dunk and it all fell apart. That must suck.

However, once he realized he had nothing he should have stopped. So I don’t really feel all that bad.

It’s like watching someone walk into a glass door and bonking their head, I have sympathy. Until they keep slamming their head against it intentionally.

Dude (gal?) has no idea that questions asked in court are extermely specific for a reason. Sure would suck to have to go through life that way, glad it’s not me!

“Your honor, while clearly the defendant has not technically broken any laws, it is clear that they have broken the intent of the law, and therefore is guilty.”

“I concur! Execute him!”

Man, that person is an idiot. Apparently, a truther, too? Jeez.

Welcome to the Dope, split_p_j! When come back, bring evidence.

split_pbj, more like.

Agree. When he said that I actually laughed out loud. It’s literally the oldest dodge on the internet.

“Well, my original source for this claim didn’t hold up, but as a blind, left-handed Asian woman with a degree in political science who owns a bookstore in the Moscow airport, my personal opinion should be respected!”


Complete nonsense. I pass through Moscow airport several times a month, and you only have a few dozen books - it’s little more than a newspaper stand.

…but damn some of those jackdaws, though.

Yep, he’s one of our resident conspiracy theorists

I note that every time in that thread he accused others of “spin” what he really meant was “Stop using actual facts, evidence and logic to debunk my blatant spin!”.

I suppose if you spin hard enough it feels like the rest of the world is what’s spinning.

Or do the right kind of drugs.

I’ve been here a while, and I am a 49 year old black man, so I’ve been around in life too. My screen name refers to my bass pickups. I’m not a conservative but I do like some black conservatives like Candace Owens and others.

There are more and more black people like me that are not buying this bullshit narrative that’s being fed to us.

So I don’t need you to feel sorry for me. I’m old and successful, no stories of systemic racism here to make excuses.

I do not feel sorry for you.

But I was remiss in assuming you were new here. I did not recognize the name.

I don’t care for vitriolic, abrasive people, including Candace Owens, Bill Maher or whatever.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Officer Tatum, Anthony Brian Logan are some others I watch. There are plenty of people that think like me, and I do not apologize for any post I’ve made over the years.

I really don’t even deserve to be in the pit.

You should definitely apologize for the 9/11 truther bullshit you’ve posted and you belong in the Pit for that alone.

Nope, I wasn’t pitted at the time for my thoughts on 9/11 and I will not apologize. The fact that I’m being pitted now shows just how far this BLM narrative has come. Conform or else.