I pit Star Wars....

For driving Trumbo out of my local theatre before I got a chance to watch it. I know, blah blah market forces blah blah blah, so I’ll pit market forces, capitalism, and the dumbing down of the planet while I’m at it. :mad:

Don’t waste your money. There’s not one single fucking flying elephant in the whole movie.

How about pitting your lazy ass for not going to see it when you had the chance?

My local multiplex is still showing Brooklyn, The Martian, Spectre and a few other films, so Trumbo would still be there if people like you hadn’t postponed seeing it.

I now pit pitters who blame the victim! :frowning:

I also pit directors who don’t put fucking flying elephants in EVERY movie.

I pit the younglings.

Trumbo? This is a movie about the Donald going back to Vietnam to rescue POWs, right?

Yeah, all those other people are the stupid ones.

How should I know? I haven’t seen it!

I am sick and tired of the Star Wars franchise … have been for years. I’m sure the newest movie is great, and I’ll more than likely see it. But they sheer amount of marketing that has accompanied the release and the sheer amount of fanboy hype, is so fucking annoying. Gotta hand it to Disney though, they took a franchise that fell into a vast pool of suckitude and, thanks to a massive marketing campaign and nostalgia of the middle aged, will make tons of money.

You are a genius, and I’m about to become a movie producer.

Congratulations for not having a fucking clue about where Star Wars has been for the last 10 years. Have you ever heard of “The Clone Wars” cartoon on Cartoon Network? It ran for 7 seasons, although I think the last season was released only to Netflix after Disney bought the franchise. My 14 year old son was introduced to, and loves, the franchise not through any of the movies, but through this cartoon, which has kept it relevant, even after the suckitude of the prequel movies. That and the Lego Star Wars games from Travelers Tales has made him a much bigger fan of the franchise than I am. And the funny thing is, he now loves all 7 movies, since he saw the prequels with no pre-conceived notions. This movie is huge because the franchise has been kept fresh and relevant for his generation. We saw the movie together, which doesn’t happen often now since the teenager wants to do his own thing. He rarely gives a fuck about anything I like, because that is old people stuff. Star Wars doesn’t fall into that

…or a Campaign Manager.

Seriously, couldn’t you see a political ad with Trumpo emptying clips of machine gun fire into “America’s Enemies”?

Rick Perlstein Pits Star Wars: “Juvenilia Strikes Back.”

What a pretentious jackhole.

On the plus side, it had no annoying children or cute obnoxious aliens, and I got to see it for free. The actors actually showed range and personality.

On the minus side, it recreated the plot from A New Hope AGAIN. They practically reused the same footage of X-fighters avoiding Tie fighters and stationary cannons while looking for the exposed module that somehow takes out the whole planet when destroyed. No suspense there.

I just can’t get on board here. Yes, I was looking forward to Star Wars, though I did have some issues with the market and the overblown expectations, but it is, and has been, a massive part of pop culture for decades, so I’m not surprised. The movie had it’s issues, but it’s a good but not great movie, particularly as blockbusters go, often high on spectacle and low on content.

However, this sort of complaint seems along the same lines as people who complain about how all the films are sequels or remakes or blockbuster type films today and not enough original films. Yes, there’s more sequels and remakes and blockbuster films today than ever, but there’s also more original films today. There’s just more films in total today. Film studios are businesses and they make films they think will make them money, not out of some obligation of artistic integrity. If people want them made, they have to keep their ear to the ground for the ones worth seeing and go see them; vote with their pocket books.

By the same logic, I think the blame goes no farther than you. Sometimes there’s cool flims I want to see, but the closest theater showing it is 2 hours away, or it’s at one closer, but the showtime is at a bad time. Sure, if I were into Bollywood, the theater right across the street shows TONS of that stuff, but whatever. That you had an opportunity to see it, but didn’t, especially since it was released a 6 weeks before Star Wars was (November 6 vs December 18), you can’t blame the cinema for giving a small movie a run even that long and taking it out to show the movie that will make them the most money. Again, the cinema is in the business of showing films that will get the most butts in the seats to get their cut of the tickets but also to sell refreshments. In some cases, that might mean having some niche like foreign or independent films, but I doubt very few theaters would have denied the opportunity to show Star Wars. Hell, there was this big hooha about Star Wars affecting one of the theaters that Tarantino wanted to show Hateful Eight in.

So, yeah, I’m totally on board with maybe not seeing a film opening weekend, sometimes things get in the way, but if it was only taken out last week, you had tons of time. It’s not like it’s a shock that a lot of films that might have lingered longer with middling ticket sales got pushed for Star Wars. Just wait another 6-8 weeks and it’ll be on PPV and Bluray/DVD and you can watch it then.

I don’t see what he’s pretending.

You really didn’t miss much. Trumbo is history via finger paints–perhaps enlightening if you know absolutely nothing about the Red Scare or the Blacklist, but incredibly reductive, self-congratulatory and predictable in the standard biopic beats. Cranston is fine but many of the supporting characters are too broad to put any of the excellent actors through any sort of real challenge. The best bits are with Diane Lane as his wife, with the home scenes being the strongest, but as drama, it’s a bit inert. An important story and personality, but not a very good movie. You won’t miss much by seeing it on video. I’m not the biggest fan of SW7:TFA, but it’s better than Trumbo.