I pit the Atlanta Braves

One, one, one World Series victory in 14 straight division winning seasons. IMHO would have been better if they only won the division series when they won the World Series v. Cleveland. With the 14, they will be forever known as the biggest post-season chokers in the history of the world, on par with Darius v. Alexander, France v. The World, etc.

I was at the game. Field level seats on the first base line. I have no voice, I am absolutely drained, we stayed for the whole freakin’ game, all 5:50 of it. w00t Astros though!

I feel for you guys. But the Astros have never won the World Series, and last year’s victory over the Braves was their first postseason series win. Yeah, it must suck royally, especially to go out after a game like that. But some (White Sox, Astros, Cubs) have it rougher than you. Better to have loved and lost and all that business.

If it will make you feel any better, the year the Braves won the World Series was not a complete season since the strike erased 18 games from the schedule. If you want, you can mentally put an asterisk next to their championship that year.

I was going to come here to mock you (Phillies fan here), but I can’t kick a guy who referenced Darius v. Alexander. Good show.

Possibly so. But on the other hand:

GO ASTROS!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The ads at the moment are for Braves tickets. Heh.

I think this is an astounding streak. Especially in the 90’s, the Braves had amazing pitching. Pitching wins championships. I cannot imagine how they haven’t won at least four or five World Series along the way.

What’s probably more upsetting to Braves fans is that the Florida Marlins have 2 World Series championships in that 14-year span. Florida and Atlanta are in the same division! Florida got into the playoffs those years as a wild card team behind the Braves.

But this year’s Braves have nothing to be ashamed of. They are a bunch of kids with a few veterans thrown in. Nobody expected much from this team and this was supposed to the year of the team’s demise. And Leo Mazzone deserves more money than any other coach, manager or player in baseball. The man is an absolute genius who turns below-average pitchers into above above-average pitchers. There’s no skill in baseball more valuable than that!

Somehow, I bet the fans of Seattle, Texas, Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland, both Chicago clubs, Tampa, Baltimore, San Francisco, San Diego, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Montreal (yeah, I know they lost their team…that’s why they’re on the list), and Philadelphia would all gradly trade places with Atlanta’s history for the past 20 years than their own. They’ve won a World Series title in the past 20 years which is more than any of those teams can say (OK, Kansas City won one 20 years ago, but their entire organization is a complete disaster right now, so I’m including them). And they’ve been consistently competitive. Frankly, nobody has any pity for Atlanta fans. They’ve had a dominant team and can’t be bothered to crack 3 million fans since 2000.

I’d rather be the Atlanta Braves than almost any other team. One World Series win and 13 other postseason appearances beats, say, one World Series win and 3 other appearances (Anaheim) doesn’t it?

In a way it’s even more impressive than the Yankees; the Braves, at least, have generally won by developing players, rather than just buying them.

They weren’t the best team in 2005. Their defeat was entirely predictable. I think it’s a testament to the genius of Bobby Cox that they won the division this year, being a team heavily reliant on rookies and castoffs and senior citizens. Who the hell is Ryan Langerhans? Anyone who can get 90 wins out of that bunch, who can turn Jorge Sosa of all people into a decent pitcher, shouldn’t go to the Hall of Fame, he should ascend directly into heaven.

Nope. This Cleveland fan enjoys her team’s crazy ups and downs.

I even enjoyed the downs and downs of the 70s and 80s.

I never claimed to be normal.

Just because of that annoying Tomahawk Chop, or whatever it is, with that grating “oo-woo-woo-woo” chant, the Atlanta Braves should be banned from all post-season play.

My feelings exactly.

To add to RickJay’s point, the commentators on ESPN yesterday were saying that, in any 90-100 win season for the Braves, you can probably attribute about 10 of those wins purely to the managing ability of Bobby Cox.

Besides, they stole that from Florida State anyway.

This particular Cleveland fan, a fan of the only team the Braves beat in the Series, (and damnit, the 1995 season does too count!!!) appreciates the sympathetic words. But then, I like both Chief Wahoo and the Chop, and was thrilled by Sid Bream and Francisco Cabrera, and I don’t claim to be normal either:D

But for this year, I’d love an Astros v. White Sox World Series.

Yeah, well, as a Twinkies fan, I can only say that the Braves were part of the best World Series in my lifetime: 1991. Kirby Puckett. Jack Morris. “See you tomorrow night.” Classic.

Sorry you had to play the vanquished bad guys, but not really. What with the racist sign language and everything – the only team you beat for the big one has a racist logo, and I guess that’s fair.

Go, um Cardinals? WhiteSox? Go AnyonebutttheYankees!

:rolleyes: That again? That’s the best you’ve got? I can pit the Braves better than that and I’m a Braves fan. At least we agree about the Yankees…

Yes, we do hate that we’ve only won the World Series once in the past 14 years given our record. But some of the comments in this thread are dead on. The coaching skills of Bobby and Leo are almost unparalled, in my opinion. Add Terry Pendleton as the hitting coach and you have a hell of a managing staff. John Schuerholz certainly deserves some credit himself for how’s he’s handled the club, particularly with the slashing of salaries ever since TW took over. Look at our rookies this year. Very impressive! Look at the talent we’ve cultivated or supported and traded - JD Drew, Ryan Klesko, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Dave Justice, Javy Lopez. Look at John Smoltz! How many pitchers have come back from the type of surgery he had to become starting pitcher again?
What about the talent we bring back any opportunity we get? Braves fans are very loyal to their former players. We’ve had a number of Braves play for us more than once - to me, that says that the Braves care about their staff in ways that are more important than the numbers they put up. What about the Braves taking out a full page ad in the Chicago newspaper to congratulate Greg Maddux on his 300th win - a win he got wearing a Chicago uniform.
There may be fans of other teams that mock us, or even people who don’t watch baseball that mock the Braves for having choked when it counted “most”. I cannot think of another organization in baseball history that outshines the Braves in class, talent and heart year after year. I think the thing that some Braves detractors hate the worst is that year after year for the past 14 years, we’ve been a consistent threat. We haven’t always won, but we’ve been in the hunt. How many other teams can say that?

Incidentally, I got to go to a Braves game in Atlanta this year. The staff was friendly and tremendously helpful, the fans were great, and the ballpark was lovely.

Hey, I’m a native Houstonian. I’d love an Astros vs. Anyone, even One-Legged-Lepers, as long as it’s the World Series! :smiley: