I pit the Card Services department at my bank

My bank sucks. Specifically the inpatients they set loose to run the card services department couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag to solve a problem.

Why can’t these community college rejects get it through their thick skulls that they are flagging as suspicious the same fucking recurring transaction every fucking month. And why do they then still reject the charge after I have to call their miserable Customer Dis-service line to verify it is a real charge, as always.

What is so damn difficult to understand about, “Customer works nights and sleeps days. Do not call.” that makes them call me about anything and everything unimportant?

These are the same morons who cancelled my debit card while I was sitting in front of them telling them the particular transaction they were questioning was in fact legit.

Fucking idiots.

What is this charge, exactly, that is being rejected?

My internet service. Only been in place for 5 years without changing amount or approximate billing date.

Every time my card expires and is reissued we go through this.

I think it’s time for you to find a new financial institution. The one you are with obviously doesn’t want you as a customer.

Or find an ISP that isn’t based in Nigeria.

Don’t tell me; let me guess.

Bank of America?

Nope. Not US based. I live in Cayman.

Whatever you may have heard about banking in Cayman was referring to corporate or investment banking. Most Cayman banks aren’t retail banks (where the common person can open a checking or savings account, make cash deposits, or take out a car loan, e.g.). Retail banking sucks.

Actually, while we’re at it let’s pit Bank of America in Cayman for not being a retail bank. What kind of fucked up bank won’t let you deposit your paycheck?

Oddly I’ve never heard of the customer service of Cayman banks as having a reputation for being good or bad or average. They just have a reputation for being tax havens. Is there some other reputation that I am meant to have heard?

A few weeks ago, I lost my debit card for our joint account. I accidentally left it on the counter at a local shop, and the cashier there destroyed it at the instruction of the bank, whom she had called.

I spent a couple of weeks expecting it to turn up in the wash or somewhere odd. When I returned to the shop, the cashier recognized me, and let me know what had happened. First annoyance: why couldn’t the bank inform me what had happened to my card after the merchant called them?

At that time, I called the bank to get a replacement card. I emphasized that only my card had been lost, and asked them to confirm that my wife’s card would not be affected. They assured me it would not, and then went ahead canceled both of our cards anyway.

At least they mailed me a replacement. My wife is stuck without a working debit card, and I’m fully expecting my new card to stop working when she calls them about hers.