I pit the guy that attacked our Marathon Runner

Here in Brazil we were shocked to see a brazilian leading the marathon and being attacked by a crazy irishman ! Really sad ! Who knows how much that might have affected him and his losing gold.

I hope the crowd gave that wacko a good beating up… if he didn’t come out of it at least badly bruised I won’t be happy enough. Sick asshole.

You’re a bit late on this one.

And Bush had nothing to do with it! :eek:

Why was that necessary you partisan hack?

Sorry, been here reading posts from your types too long.
Now read the fucking link, hack-off

I read it as a joke, not particularly necesary but it brought a slight smile to my lips, just calm the hell down.

Nope, not a joke. In another thread she goes for the political hack snipe. Minutes before. Care for the thread?

Mockingbird, cuts both ways, seetie.