I Pit the ID-demanding GOP vote-suppressors

You’re all worthless motherfucking liars with the civic virtue of a sewer-rat’s tapeworm. “Voter fraud” is a non-problem and you know it. The Dems don’t want undocumented immigrants to vote any more than you do, and you know that, too. This is all about disfranchising the poor and minorities. Shame on you all, and STFU forever.

Could you be a little more specific? If you’re Pitting the guys who claim the Dems oppose this to protect their illegal alien/felon voting bloc, I’m there. Otherwise…what, another one?

I am not convinced that it’s that difficult to get an ID, should one be inclined to vote.

I’m from New Jersey. Voter fraud isn’t a problem. Its a time-honored tradition.

“When I die, I want to be buried in Hudson County so I can remain active in politics.” Brendan Byrne (D), former NJ governor.


Vote suppressors, my ass.

For the last 20+ years, whenever I vote, I simply walk into the polls and show them my driver’s license. They look me up in the book, I sign it, I go vote.

Why are so many people opposed to the concept of someone showing an ID to vote? You have to have an ID of some sort to function in today’s society. What is so frickin’ bad about having to show it to vote?

AFAIK, voter ID laws are SOP in most of the developed world. It might take a little bit of an adjustment, but I see no reason, other than American Exceptionalism, that we can’t pull this off, too.

You can fight this all you want, but you’re going to lose. Better to push for efforts to make it easier to get an ID.

Lib Rage


Sorry, even though you distilled it to one word, it’s still too much trouble to understand and conflicts with a pre-disposed worldview.
On board with this pitting. Fuckers are positively anti-democracy.

Bah. You lost. It’s legal, it has widespread support, and it’s happening. It’s not anti-democracy. It’s an obvious and prudent move, and there’s zero, zip, nada, and also zilch you can do to change this trend.

Let me ask this question of anyone who is aginst voter ID measures on the grounds that they’re discriminatory against the poor:

Would/do you oppose such measures if part of the legislation requires the state to provide voters photo ID at no cost?

Once again we see how conservatives favor large, costly intrusive Big Government solutions to problems that don’t exist.

So, BrainGlutton you’re implying that “the poor and minorities” are too stupid and/or lazy to acquire an ID card.

Seems kind of mean to me.

It’s a thinly veiled ploy to impose a majority. It is anti-democracy as much as creative gerrymandering is when done with the intent to secure a party’s power base. It’s fucking disgusting and repugnantly sullies those who cackle at it’s passing.

Might as well just say, “fuck democracy, this benefits my side.” At least you’d be honest.

Well, he has. And you’re right, that’s the least.

Or he’s implying that they’re more likely to be working three jobs and less likely to have a car and the time to go get an ID, especially where the place to get the ID is far away. Which is hardly an insignificant problem.

See also: the whole discussion about the poor buying crap food at the corner store because they don’t have the wherewithal to get to a grocery store further away with a wider selection of fresh produce. If they can’t even go buy food someplace decent, how easy would it be for them to get across town to get a photo ID just to vote? They’ll just end up not voting.

I would need to be convinced that getting the ID was not an onerous burden before I even began to consider this a reasonable requirement.

One man’s onerous burden is another man’s token sacrifice. In most cases, the latter man is wrong.

Those; also, anybody who purports to demand voter ID for another reason, because they’re liars too. There’s only one reason they care, and that’s vote-suppression.

Is it?

Okay, so maybe “the poor” (although you seem to posit fairly lazy poor people), but why “minorities”?

I’ve been poor, and it isn’t an easy life, but finding an hour to take a bus across town to the DMV is hardly an “onerous burden”