I pit the Juice

Jesus is the real killer?

He was remanded to county jail pending sentencing (after which he’ll be transferred to a state prison).

Wow. So he’s really and truly off the streets.


First OJ searches Florida golf courses for the real killer. As weird as that sounded, it was certainly the right place. Now he will search a prison, where there will be a lot of murderers, but what are the odds the real killer will be in that prison? 100%. Life is weird.

Bolivian Chicken!

Well played! Here’s a shiny farthing for you… flip :smiley:

Sure. The gardener would’ve had access to the property, known the routines of the victims, and had the tools to do the job. Plus, nobody would have thought it out of the ordinary for his van to be there.

Motive? He was jealous that Nicole had dumped him and now some waiter was getting all the fringe benefits. Hard to go back to lugging sacks of manure after that.

Of course, since it wasn’t titled “If I had done it,” what else can we conclude?

Simpson’s sentence will be two years for armored robbery and three years for kidnapping, He’ll be out in less than three years,

I was hoping for thirty days in the electric chair, with OJ’s lawyer getting him a reduced voltage,
It couldn’t happen, so I’m hoping he’ll bunk with Earl., Oj can get cofee for him and perform "other useful chores’.

He had powered armor? :eek:

He’s not just a murderer, he’s a supervillian!

Seems OJ was so used to beating the law he had an acquittal party in the works. I guess I get how he had been insulated by lots of money, uncritical admiration by fans and flunkies and all that stuff. But one would think barely scraping past a double-murder conviction would have taught him caution. I read some pop psyche blather to the effect that buried guilt made him unconsciously want to be caught and jailed for something. Not sure I can swallow that one.

But one thing’s sure though, to me at least. Nothing, no fame, wealth, nothing, would ever offset living inside his head, his memories and dreams. Just imagine his nightmares. ::shudders::

I agree. However, based on what I’ve learned from knowing people of his sort, he probubly sleeps like a baby thinking thoughts like “bitch had it coming.”

::another shudder::

The scariest part is, you’re probably right. An interesting book to check out, if anyone’s interested, The Sociopath Next Door. It’s not hardcore scholarly but it gives a fairly clear description of how common those with sociopathic tendencies are, and the damage they can do. Not even murder, just the mayhem and destruction they leave in wakes. For me, the most chilling thing about the book were the frequent twitches of recognition. Some people flat-out lack something critical. “I wanted it, she got in my way, of course she was removed.” They’re often very good at disguising their motives and are champion manipulators but they genuinely do not see other people as real.

Just cosy reading for those nights when you risk actually sleeping.

I think it’s likely he’ll be a hero amongst the african-american population in prison. He “stuck it to the man” and “got over on whitey”.

I don’t know. The prisons are full of black men who got either cursory or wholly inadequate trials; do they really look up to yet another rich asshole who skated? (Until he was stupid enough to commit another crime. Man, if I got away with murdering two people, and knew that a majority of the country considered me guilty, I’d keep my damn nose clean for the rest of my life.)

I think there are enough felons in prison who want the fame of killing a celebrity inmate. That’s how Jeffrey Dahlmer died, IIRC.

OJ will just be another number wearing an orange jumpsuit, standing in line for a bologna sandwich and working in the laundry. How the mighty have fallen.

It’s a high profile enough case that I imagine they wouldn’t have let anyone go home, they would’ve sequestered them in a hotel. They probably decided to work late so they could go home for real.