Mini OJ Rant

This is just a mini-rant about shit on the news today.

So OJ turns himself in again for blah blah, road rage, whatever.
How many fucking times have the cops been called on him since he butchered Nicole and Ron? I bet he does it again.

And he gives a jovial news conference, acting like a smug fuck, jokin an playin…
OJ, I would execute you myself, if I was fortunate enough to legally get the chance, you fucking murdering scumbag.

I hope you die a horrible, slow death.

If I missed a main thread about this, my apologies.

His mugging and waving at the cameras Friday certainly was transparent and pathetic. I suppose it must be tough to suppress for long all that giddiness from getting away with a double murder. :rolleyes:

This is his second road-rage incident. He’s gonna reach into the wrong car at a fenderbender someday and get his scumbag head blown off.

That’s it! I’m heading to Florida with a chainsaw in my passenger seat and a plan for tailgating. I’ll show him road rage. What’s OJ driving these days?

I’d be in jail for how long? Cochran costs how much? Maybe I could get an LA jury? No. Fine. Never mind.

I have always gotten the feeling he is saying to himself, as was more than apparent on the news clips,
“Hey you morons…I am INVINCIBLE!”

And at the way things seem to go for him, he must be. I wonder how he’ll worm out of this one.

Hmmm…Florida’s AWFUL damn close to me, now that I think about it.