I pit the Kansas House of Representatives for trying to protect our precious bodily fluids

See here.

I can barely believe this is real.


At least they get to have fluoride in their water. Goddamn ignernt fuckos here in Portland managed to scrap a fully-funded fluoride initiative here. Our idiots come in two flavors: knee-jerk right-wing and extra-crunchy granola.

I’d say it’s complete bullshit, but then whoever sponsored the bill was probably raised drinking fluoridated water, so maybe there’s something to it.

Here, have a drink of distilled water and pure grain alcohol.

Leave it to KS to jump on the anti-fluouride bandwagon 60 years after the rest of the country is over it…

The bill says the government “must notify the consumers of that treated water, that the latest science confirms that ingested fluoride lowers the I.Q. in children.” Bolding mine.
So what happens when the latest science changes? If the latest science confirms anything other than what is written in the bill then the bill is nonsense, is it not?

In any case, that’s just Kansas. That state is so perfect now that the legislators have nothing to do all day except keep up on the latest scientific advances in areas like water floridation.

This bill comes on the heels of two recent pieces of legislation attempted to get passed in the Kansas Legislature:

  1. permitting businesses to legally discriminate against homosexuals based upon religious reasons. Introduced by republican house members.

  2. permitting corporal punishment by parents, teachers, caregivers, that even will leave marks and bruises. Introduced by a democratic house member.

The fluoride bill is most probably dead:


There’s lots of crazy here this year. There’s a bill that prohibits the federal government from listing the lesser prairie chicken as an endangered species, and makes it a state felony for any federal officer or employee to enforce any federal laws or regulations concerning the lesser prairie chicken. This bill passed the Kansas Senate, and is expected to pass the Kansas House.


:rolleyes: Nullification again?!

Some years back there was a book titled “What’s the Matter With Kansas”, which did not impress me as it was a long lament about how they stopped being Progressive Republican and became Conservative, with much “they’re voting against their own interests” condescention.

But really, these sorts of things are why I’d find necessary to ask WHAT is the matter with Kansas? They might as well hold a “Stupid Pride” parade.

Y’know, THAT is one of the most frightening things I have found in my exposure to the legislative process: when the legislator (state or national) figures out he can just write **anything **under “findings”. That fluoride is proven to damage IQ, that pi = 3, that gays “convert” children, whatever.

Recent article by the author, Thomas Frank: “The matter with Kansas now: The Tea Party, the 1 percent and delusional Democrats.”

I certainly don’t agree with Frank that the solution is for Democrats to move left. IMHO, lots of what happened here I think is voters rejecting what they see as east-coast, fuzzy thinking tax and spend liberals.
I don’t think voters understood how serious the Tea Partiers were in cutting government; the voters didn’t believe that government services would be cut if taxes were cut. We’ve had massive tax cuts mostly on business income, resulting in significant budget cuts and shift of the tax burden to salary earners. I’m skeptical that the Tea Partiers can resell themselves in 2014. As someone once said (and I forget who) “Kansans ultimately aren’t going to stand for the kinds of cuts in government services that Bownback is going to propose. Kansans may be ideological conservatives, but they are practicing liberals: they want the government programs, they just don’t want to pay for them.”

The thing is, fluoridated water really does lower the I.Q. in children. When I was a kid, my mother used to make me drink fluoridated water, and now I’m stupid enough to believe that fluoridated H2O lowers IQ. You may think that’s a stupid and recursive argument, but ask yourself, would I be stupid enough to make that argument if I didn’t drink fluoridatd water as a child?

game… set… checkmate, motherfuckers.

Actually high flouride concentrations are associated with lower IQs … of course those are levels signficnatly higher than the levels in regulated drinking supplies and above EPA guidelines and those levels might be a marker for other substances in those water supplies … but the distorted factoid is not completely false.

I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.


Someone should tell them about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide.

Exposure is ultimately fatal in 100% of cases! Not just in humans, but in all known species!

Here’s a fun article about a bill introduced by a Kansas Legislator trying to block a primary challenge. His day job is a minister. The fun part is the possible (probable) involvement of prostitutes.

Background article.

Idiots like this are why Kansans get such stupid legislation. But people voted for him.

His fashion sense alone should disqualify him.