I Pit the Lame-stream Media

Is this a duplicate thread? Surely we’ve pitted the worthless “journalists” at CNN dozens of time. Right-wingers complain that CNN pushes a progressive agenda. Give me a toke of whatever those right-wing idiots are smoking! I only wish CNN had an agenda. I do like Anderson Cooper but some of the others are … replaceable. (I don’t watch much lame-stream news except for the occasional Rachel Maddow or Morning Joe. — Feel free to add other lame-stream networks to this Pitting.)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is my newest heroine, so naturally I went to YouTube and started clicking whenever I saw her name. Lame-streamers mostly just prattle at other lame-stream idiots so I got desperate enough to click on The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder. (I think I mostly agree with Sam Seder but I’m easily bored so I use YouTube’s preview cursor to select only the actual clips he’s discussing. I watch a few seconds of Sam’s commentary before and after each clip.)

I don’t mean to disrespect Poppy Harlow, one of CNN’s many cute blond reporters. She was probably just asking questions her producer told her to ask. Perhaps sympathy is in order: Poppy wasn’t cute enough, or stupid enough, to make it at FoxNews.

Here was one exchange. Note that Poppy asks the same stupid question three times, as though she thinks she’s auditioning for a cross-examiner’s role on a lawyer show:
Poppy: Can you say right now that you will unequivocally back the Democratic nominee in opposition to President Trump, meaning …
Alexandria: [interrupting] Yeah
Poppy: Would it be a guarantee that Hillary would have gotten your vote …
Alexandria: Yeah. [ Alexandria thinks these are stupid questions but is too polite to get sarcastic]
Poppy: [staring intently like she thinks this is the Gotcha question that almost stumped Oedipus at the Delphic Oracle] Or do you foresee a reasonable scenario where that wouldn’t happen?
Alexandria: No, I mean I think we’re just at a moment where we absolutely have to support the Democratic nominee against President Trump, absolutely without question.

A little later, Poppy smirks when Alexandria is unwilling to commit to a single name to support in the 2020 Presidential campaign: “That’s a problem isn’t it?” My God, we aren’t even in 2019 yet, let alone 2020. Give me whatever Poppy’s smoking, bartender!

Like it or not, America is now controlled by the couch potatoes watching cable TV news. If we’re lucky enough that some of the potatoes watch CNN instead of FoxNews, why subject them to this crap? If I were an American couch potato I confess that I might well get annoyed enough to click the remote and see if the reporters at Fox, if not smarter, were at least prettier than Poppy.

You mean she wasn’t asked if she would be running for president in 2020? Isn’t that SOP for whenever anyone new pops onto the scene? Scott Brown had that question thrown at him when he beat the Democratic nominee for the MA Senate seat back in 2010. Granted, that was a Senate seat and not the House, but still.

Very stupid questions. Ocasio-Cortez didn’t do the Bernie shtick of running against the Democratic Party and pretending to be so pure as to be above party politics.

At least someone at CNN was smart enough to realize that she wouldn’t be old enough to run for President in 2020.

I definitely agree that particular interview was bad, and I have definitely heard of examples of the quality of CNN declining. However, you appear to be presenting this in the right-wing “lame stream media” context that attacks all non-Fox (and, I guess, non-Breitbart, sigh) mainstream media sources.

While these questions were bad, I saw a decent interview linked that was from MSNBC. I don’t think we need to use these examples to Pit the entire news organization.

I’ll go with Pitting the reporter in this interview, or possibly the show it was a part of. I might go with a pitting of CNN with more examples. But mainstream news in general? I think that’s playing into the Trump “the media is corrupt” narrative.

Hannity presented her platform as a negative. Looked pretty darned good from where I sit.


Yep, human rights, supporting seniors and the best and cheapest healthcare plans, etc are horrible ideas.

They also almost totally ignored Liuba Grechen Shirley who upset a pretty good mainline Democrat in the NY CD 2 primary with about the same progressive platform. Not only did she win, she won big. https://www.newsday.com/long-island/politics/congress-primaries-long-island-1.19430375

The kinder and smarter populists and the progressives, not the teahaddists.

I believe it was Meatloaf who once said ‘you took the words right out of my mouth’.
And no, not the next lyrics.

I have to agree with Big T.

Further, using the term “lame stream media” immediately makes your criticism lose credibility. it’s Sarah Palin terminology on the same level as “fake news”. Criticize a reporter or style of reporting all you wish, but don’t lump it all together, and don’t use right wing bell whistles to do it.

I was trying to be funny, but will be happy if the Mods change thread title to
I Pit some CNN Reporter(s)

That reporter sounds dumb enough to ask a 28 year-old if she plans to run for president.

But there is a big difference. The 14th CD is a Democratic stronghold, Dems outnumber Republicans 6 to 1.

Her Republican opponent is Anthony Pappas, a 72 year old Queens economics professor. He had not filed any of the paperwork that would allow him to fundraise and he hasn’t collected ANY campaign donations. His primary issue seems to be something about putting restraints on judges in divorce cases, which has something to do with him having been embroiled in a messy divorce for over a decade.

So, in all probability Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to be the next representative in Congress for NY’s 14th district. This is huge.

OTOH. The 2nd CD is much more conservative and Shirley will be running against Republican Peter King, a long time incumbent. She still has a tough fight ahead of her. Ocasio-Cortez’s tough fight happened Tuesday.

Sorry, but I must counter with: but where the fuck are they??? seppo’s LSM are treating Fuckwipe McCrazypants like he is not batshit. They report on his incoherent blortings on twitter as though they are not clear signs of derangement.

This LameStream Media is letting the Shitgibbon crap all over the living room and they act like they think we all should put up with that.

Fuck the wormy LSM bastards with a rusty corkscrew. Not “until they straighten up and fly right”, fuck them into the ground. We already know how many deck chairs there are.

I agree. Not only do they avoid saying “HE LIED AGAIN”, but they repeat his lies. And they keep airning “interviews” with his supporters (who are often even worse) without calling their bullshit. They are his toadies and stooges, whether they know it or not.

In fact, with their silence on RUSSIA and their harping on EMAILS, I’d say it was partly their fault he got “elected”.

Especially because right-wing flag waver FOX News is the most-watched “news” networkin America. How are they not the “mainstream” media?

Really? It’s the media’s fault? Because they didn’t issue the proper orders to the Electoral College, I presume? :dubious:

It’s OUR fault he got elected. Don’t try and pass the blame on to something/someone else.

Not my district, but a filthy mop would be a better candidate than Peter King, who was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party. Disgusting, despicable views. The perfect Republican.

My wife and I, who are long-time NPR listeners, have noticed a distinct change in their news coverage since Trump. When covering the latest events in government, it used to be standard procedure to interview two guests at the same time, one pro and one con, and more or less let them verbally duke it out. Now, like SteveG1 says, they only have the Trump apologist on and let him spew his ridiculous BS defense of whatever dumb-ass thing Trump did that day, without even challenging the BS. Sometimes they may follow up with a separate interview with someone who is not a Trump supporter, but lately that’s been happening more rarely.

And of course NPR stated shortly after the inauguration that they would not call Trump’s obvious misstatements “lies”, because the word “lie” implies an intent to deceive and they don’t really know for sure that’s what Trump is trying to do. Maybe it made sense at first to give him the benefit of the doubt, but after a steady stream of lies from this administration for a year and a half I think it’s time to call bullshit on that policy.

You’re my new hero. Preach it.