I pit the legal community of Steubenville Ohio

Now Anonymous has become involved. They’ve posted a video of the perps bragging about their deeds and other members of their “rape crew” laughing it up.

The video at the site (and on YouTube) is raw and NSFW. The link above is SFW.

The priorities of the good(?) folk of Steubenville, especially the legal and school establishments are in serious need of adjustment.

The names of the perps are at the first link and the name of the judge at the second.

Original Huff Post story:

This is too much like the cover-up of the rapes at Notre Dame.

Don’t you know that there is no such thing as rape culture in the US? And that accused rapists have a right to privacy, even if they’ve broadcast their victim’s name and image all over the internet?

Yeah, I also joined a community in which we protect poor children and ladies.

Local Leaks blog on the topic.

The linked story in the OP isn’t about Steubenvill at all, it is about a rape in Kentucky. The Steubenville case involved the Ohio town’s football team and Anonymous has been leaking details, including a video of a player from the school’s baseball team laughing about the rape, apparently at the party in question. It is alleged the players carried the unconcious girl to three different parties and that the girl found out about the rapes through social media postings about the night in question.

What the fuck does the “legal community” have to do with either incident?

From what I had understood when it happened the rapists were minors and the appointed prosecutor bargained against the wishes of his client (he works for the state not her) which resulted in the names concealed.

She violated the gag order. I sympathize with her anger, but it’s not as cut and dried as it appears in the OP’s cite.

HEY! Don’t get your “facts” and “due process” all up in my indignation!

I can’t believe that Steubenville story. I will never understand how football culture takes over an area so completely that rape is glossed over and forgotten. Like Penn State, I would be totally fine with that town losing it’s precious fucking team for the next decade.

I am also glad to see Anonymous is on the case. They do so well with this kind of thing. And I’m triply glad that they went all the way to the Sheriff and prosecutor’s corruption. I hope this rips the town wide apart. They deserve it for aiding and abetting such asshole behavior. And the boys that were directly involved in this, raping and peeing on this girl. Jail. For years and years. Ruin their entire life. Not just as a punishment, but as a lesson. There is something far more chilling in this story of “regular” kids who calmly and happily repeatedly raped an unconscious girl than a more “ordinary” street attack.

Yeah, the Steubenville story is really distrubing. The NY Times had a good article on it

As with what is happening in India, it seems that they have let a sick subculture take hold and then find themselves surprised that people are outraged at their behavior. The police chief in Steubenville has desperately trying to get witnesses to come forward, even though they took this girl to three parties and dozens of people must have seen something (or participated on some level).

Does the “‘ordinary’ street attack” form of rape even exist anywhere other than the minds of apologists for other forms of rape?

I dunno - in the past decade or so, we’re finding out that family/friend rape is far more prevalent that just a random street attack. Certainly, it’s happened to someone.

Either way, it was a nice shorthand as a comparison for how horrified I am by this - just the institutional sickness, and the role of girls as vagina boxes to the rapists, and the football worship in small towns. This is far more disturbing than a street crime, in the same way that the Connecticut shooting was far more disturbing that a street shooting.

Well according to one linked article, the prosecutor on the case had a son on the football team, and pressured the girl and her family not to bring charges against the accused.

Also, some photos and videos were apparently deleted from devices while the devices where in the custody of Sheriff’s department and a judge recused himself because his grandaughter dated one of the accused and it is alleged that the judge did not recuse himself until he was pressured to do so.

About a quarter of rapes are perpetrated by strangers (though this figure includes those perpetrated by victims who were unable to identify their assailants because they were blindfolded or unconscious or whatever). “Street” rapes are fairly rare, though. Most rapes occur in homes, offices, and so on.

From the NY Times article:

Victim-blaming at its finest, folks.
Also, 19 coaches? The Fuck? I know a lot of these small-towns take football seriously, but that’s absurd.

  • The original post was mistaken because of that.

Also in Steubenville?

But it seems that in at least the second case, law enforcement attempted to investigate, which makes me feel a bit better about them.

Well, the police in Stuebenville are investigating, but there are accusations that the Sheriff’s department is obstructing the investigation. As I said, the Sheriff’s department seized some devices and while in their care, photos and videos have been deleted.

The parents of the victim did manage to grab some information off of the internet before people started deleting them and turned a flash drive full of photos over to the police when they filed their charges. Also, it is now rumoured that the attack was pre-planned and that she had been drugged.

I don’t have the stomach to watch the 12 minute video of Michael Colin Nodianos joking about the gang raping, but I hope that little shit loses his scholarship to Ohio State and ends up back in that shithole town for the rest of his life.

Just a heads up, there is a (most likely underage) semi-nude picture of a girl on that blog (girl shot from behind in a thong.)

She should put a billboard downtown saying these guys are rapists, with photos from their little youtube post.

If she asks for donations to pay for it, I will pony up some dough.