Alleged Gang Rape Teens Described As "Good Kids"

Ahhhhhh Naperville…a quiet suburb, lush rolling strip malls, young, just planted trees as far as the eye can see…

and home to amazing puddles of ignorance.

Here is the story of four highschool seniors, who, finding a girl at a party over intoxicated, decided to GANG RAPE HER, WRITE OBSCENITIES ON HER BODY WITH MARKERS and for the PEEEEZZZ DE RESISTANCE…video taped it.

They are in trouble. The evidence is there. Last I heard they were up for 140 counts of combined aggravated sexual assault, assault and possession of child pornography, since the girl was underage.

Of course, this part of the story is sickening enough, but wait. There is more. As the boys were in their bail hearing yesterday, the courthouse was surrounded by ADULT and teen supporters for the boys saying they were ‘good kids’. Young men pumped their fists in the air in support of their friends, And one woman I saw on the news admonished the media for ‘not saying enough about what kind of girl she was’ in reference to the victim.

Yes. That’s exactly what we need to hear. Because what if she wasn’t a virgin? Or drunk? Or not wearing underpants? Or what if she wasn’t popular and these guys were football players? Then a gang rape is warranted, correct? Then she would be at fault.

I am jaded enough that I almost expect teenagers to act this way, but to hear a grown adult say something like that makes me fucking SICK.

I don’t want to subscribe to the Chicago Tribune, but the scene you’re describing is sick. I thought it was going to be a case of an accused rapist’s mother pleading for mercy and saying “He’s such a good boy” or something like that. People can be such miserable assholes sometimes.

I’ve long resigned myself to seeing that kind of “He/she’s really a good kid” bullshit in any article of some atrocity committed by said kid. I don’t think parents or neighbors or teachers are willing to face the fact that their kids/neighbors/students aren’t quite the good kids they hoped to raise. I remind myself that it’s what the jury thinks that counts.

My favorite was a short article about some teenagers who broke into a church and spray-painted racial slurs on the walls. The church declined to press charges, the teenagers helped repaint, and, presumably, everyone sang “Kumbaya.” The mother of one of the fuckwit racist vandals was quoted as saying “They didn’t know what they were doing.”
Right, dumbass. They aquired spray-paint, walked to the church, broke in and began spray-painting with absolutely no clue what they were doing.

I didn’t realize that was a subscription only link. If you care to read, here’s a different one, but I believe it was published before all the counts were in and before the boys went to the bail hearing.

I heard on the news last night (and man are the bobbleheads around here breathless and drooling about this one) that two of them were back in school.

I was thinking, even for their own safety, if this is all a sham and a frame up, this is a bad bad idea.

It’s a very scary story. The house where it happened is a huge gated mansion. The boys are all young, angry, and white. And the community at large is appropriately shocked and horrified. There are a few that are saying “they are good boys” but i tend to think that’s part of a desire to avoid admitting that–

I raised/was friendly to/taught/am responsible for/once shared a sandwich with an absolute monster.

Assuming all of the allegations are true and all.

I can see perhaps the parents wanting to insist they have raised good boys, but this woman saying that we need to expose more about the alleged victim makes me sick. As far as I know, she’s not even related.

The sad thing is that new media organizations quite literally get excited about this stuff. Ghouls.

Kinda makes me wonder: if these were “Good kids”, what are the criteria for “bad kids”? Perhaps “Other people’s kids” or “not my kids”?

And I am equally sickened, jar, that someone would imply the victim’s culpability in this. Even if she was the madame of a ring of teen hookers, unless she consents, these guys are rapists.


I love the logic here:

“The boys are described as hard-working, straight A students…”

“…has signed up for the Army National Guard and supports his divorced mother.”
You know this is the logic that will be used by the defense in court - these are boys with bright futures who don’t deserve to have one tiny mistake ruin their whole lives, the girl was drunk/not a virgin/really wanted it/not worth ruining the futures of these fine boys/will justice really be served by putting these fine (white) boys into the prison system? We’ve all seen the Lifetime movie.

But let’s make a list.

In Column A, we have:

  1. Bright
  2. Hard working
  3. Straight A student
  4. Helps divorced mother
  5. Possible military service and bright future

In Column B we have:


Can there just once be some consequences, and the acknowledgement that Column B does actually fit in somehow to the overall character of the people involved? That they were bright, hard working, clean cut, etc. but that they also made a decision to become rapists, and that (alleged until convicted)rapists are now what they are? It sounds like the Judge is onto them, at least. Can we use words that stick? Rapist Rapist Rapist Rapist Rapist Rapist.

Everything about this story makes me physically sick.
That poor girl. I hope she is getting serious psychiatric help and that she leaves Naperville behind as soon as possible. I sincerely hope that no one fucked up the chain of evidence and that there is no getting off on a technicality.

Scum. Vile, vile scum.

Here is a good link to the story from the Suntimes.

Young men with fists a’pumpin in never a good scene. It’s really disheartening to see how much support these evil little bastards are getting. With all the information and education about rape and forums to teach kids about what’s appropriate and what’s not, it still boils down to “Well, she’s a slut!”

Sickeneing. :frowning: Hopefully the jury will show some common sense and see these boys for the demon seeds they are and won’t fall for the spiffy “good boy” veneer they’ll be slathered with.

Here is the story about the court hearing from the Sun-Times (I don’t think registration is required).


… on preview, thinksnow beat me to it.

On the “plus” side (not that there ever really is one to this, but…) it sounds like these idiots parents are loaded, so the girl will probably be loaded, too, after suing the righteous shit out of them.

I hope she is finding good psychiatric help working through this.

however, because their parents are loaded, I bet they don’t see one minute of jail.

Perhaps those boys could be cured of thinking it’s okay to gang rape a young girl ----IF …

they spent a night in a prison, and were gang raped themselves. I think THAT would definitely cure them.

Disgusting. How can anyone say, “They’re such good boys…”???

Good boys don’t do those things. Good boys know the difference between right and wrong— and that is just wrong.

Uhhhhh… no.

I’d be willing to be that it would make them even more fucked up.

Rape != good, ever.

Unfortunately, this sort of support is normal. Do you remember the case 15 years ago in Glen Ridge, NJ, where a group of high school boys took sexual advantage of a mentally retarded girl?

Ugh! It should be some consolation that despite the local support, these young men received stiff penalties.


I was being sarcastic. Duh.

Phllllease. Make them more fucked up!??!?! What about the poor girl!?

Think about it.

… and then people wonder why victims find it so hard to come forward… why would you, if you’re going to be told the people who assaulted you are “good kids who only meant well”?

Emprison them all - and the fucknuggets who condone their actions by saying that they’re “good boys” who deserve to be excused…