I pit the Mets

Once again you have started off the season wonderfully. I love when my team is 0-4. You are the worst team in baseball. Again. You fill me with much frustration and grrrr. And you have one of the biggest payrolls in professional sports. At least you could buy some players that could win a game or two. Or did Stienbrenner beat you to all the good players…again. I hate you. I’m burning my hat and jersey. And don’t get me started on Mike Piazza. Maybe I should be a Giants fan. At least they will win a game or two.

All is again as it should be.

Please note location field

We already have won two games! Yay for a .500 record!

P.S. I thought people in Hayward were A’s fans.

Oh for Pete’s sake, it’s four games into the season. The Angels started 6-14 at the start of the 2002 season. That one turned out OK for them.

The Mets have good players, except for their bullpen. They’ll be fine.

People FROM Hayward are A’s fans. I grew up outside NYC, and I just can bring myself to cheer for an American league team. Its just not right.

Don’t worry, Doc.

I’m sure that by mid-season my Pirates will, through a combination of trading off any player who can hit his weight in exchange for a “hot prospect” and general suckitudiness, claim the title of worst team in baseball.

Hey hey hey! Let’s show a little respect for the Royals. No way you’re worse than us.

The Mets aren’t the worst team in the sense that they’ve got the worst players–Beltran and Pedro are pretty damned good, and the kids Wright at 3b and Reyes at ss look like they’re gonna be good players very soon, and Piazza isn’t totally used up yet nor Glavine–they’re good enough to finish close to .500.

Why they suck-- and they DO suck hairy moose balls–is that the front office insists on spending top dollar to assemble a below average team. I don’t think they’re stupid, precisely, either. I think they shell out a hundred million dollars (none too sharply) to get the players who will draw the most fans into the park. Once they’ve got enough stars on the team (meaning players who used to be pretty good) they say, “OK, now with this lineup if they can all stay healthy, and if the rookies fill in all the weak spots, and some crucial element (like the bullpen this year) turns out not be all that crucial, we could win.” Problem is, that each of these three elements is extremely unlikely, and all three happening at the same time will virtually never occur.

But since their goal is simply to field a star-studded team that will be in the theoretical mix the first five months of the season (and in a very lucky year for longer than that) their delusional fans intone “Well, IF Trachsel hadn’t gotten hurt” or “Well, IF Piazza had played like he did in the mid-1990s again” and the Wilpons’ coffers (may the manipulative bastards rot in last place) will be full.

That I’d rather not be reminded.

(Yes, I’m a Giants fan.)

Let’s go, Cub-bies!

I thought the Mets had a real chance to be a .500 team this year. Now I’m not so sure.

Old, injury-prone starters, rocky start for the bullpen. And you have to wonder how long it will take for Reyes, Cameron, Floyd and Piazza to go on the DL.

They’re starting to look like the N.Y. Rangers of baseball.

Am I the only person who remembers that the Diamondbacks were 51-111 last year and then traded away the only good player on the team, the guy who won almost a THIRD of their games?

Sure, but now they have, um, Russ Ortiz. And he’s a 20 game winner, doncha know.

In all seriousness, I don’t expect the D’backs to be that bad again. Brandon Webb was one of the unluckiest pitchers in the majors last season and Javy Vasquez should be good unless his second half issues last year were injury related.

And Glaus will probably absolutely rake this year for them. I suspect the D’backs will flirt with .500 for most of the season. It’s not like their division is exactly a gauntlet, y’know?

Hey, the Mets managed to win today, even though John Smoltz struck out 15 of them in 7 2/3rds. Now, how about them White Sox?

No. Giants fans are evil.


Be an Angels fan.


[sup]Saunters off, a Cub fan, thinking about Kenny Lofton and Aramis Ramirez for Bobby Hill, Jose Frickin’ Hernandez and Matt Bruback.

And Randall Simon for Ray Sadler[/sup]

Today’s game versus the Braves goes to show that it’s never as bad as it seems. I mean, damn, was this not what we want the prototypical Mets game to be? Pedro pitching a gem, Beltran bringing some power from CF with a homer that took the lead and knocked Smoltz out of the game, Reyes smacking the ball around, Wright showing his power, etc. And they did it with Cameron, Matsui, and Piazza out of the lineup, too.

Of course, it’s never as good as it seems, either. . .
As an aside, I assume they were just resting Piazza, but does anyone know why Matsui was out? Thanks.

What was Pedro’s pitch count? He can’t go over 100, ever, or he’ll be on the DL for a couple of months later on.

101 pitches. On the bubble.

Just wanted to step in and shout:

Go 'Stros!