I Pit UltraVires

The subtext is: look at those silly Blacks they can’t even get their holiday right.

Oh, I am well aware that this is perfectly in-line with the standard White Man “expectation” that his opinion is both eagerly awaited and treated with all due deference.

But I’m done just shaking my head and saying “What White nonsense is this?” to myself. It was a prime polished piece of White fuckery, and it deserves to be called out as such.

I could see @Euphonious_Polemic ‘s point about it just being plain trolling. I mean, that’s pretty unfalsifiable, but it makes a measure of sense. The subtext being "those silly Blacks can’t even get their holiday right’ doesn’t make sense, though: he’s not criticizing the African-American community for celebrating Juneteenth. He’s criticizing the US government for elevating that day to be the federal holiday for the celebration of the end of slavery.

He’s criticizing the government for enabling. I mean he doesn’t care what those silly Blacks do as long as it isn’t affecting his White ass. But once they start getting the government to push this…

because they plucked that date out of thin air?

No, it is already the traditional African-American holiday. That’s not irrelevant. He is criticizing them, indirectly, like the racist coward he is.

I’m not even sure what this means. When I post here, and every single post I’ve made has been unsolicited so far (though I’m looking forward to that changing!), am I posting with the standard White Man expectation that my post is eagerly awaited and treated with all due deference? Or am I just posting because it’s a message board, and I’m procrastinating at work, and that’s what one does? What about when you post here?

No. No one’s said that, AFAIK.

Curiously, I’ve now seen the exact same argument on two different message boards from two different people. In nearly the same words. I think there must be some conservative media someone pushing this rather bizarre argument.

Well, the woman on the other board didn’t say “fake history”, she just said they are wrong to have picked Juneteenth. And fought all the people disagreeing with her for an awful lot of posts.

When you stick your nose in to defend a racist asshole just to score “Well, ektshually” points, that’s when your White privilege is on full display.

Your normal posting, I have no fucking idea. But you started out asking “is this racist”, and when you were told why, you pushed back rather than just


Yeah, seems like you had expectations.

I have little hope you’ll actually listen to what I just said, though.

That’s the implication for putting all the weight of his comments on the Fed and not African-Americans, as you did.

Yes, and I’m sure that’s why WV’s cleverest lawyer didn’t simply ask the question “why is June19th celebrated?” but then followed up by adding the editorial comment that it is “false history”.

If it was just the question itself, that’s acceptable and a teachable moment. Adding the “false history” comment?

Come on! That’s a pretty obvious troll signal.

MrDibble is right on this point, at least - we give old white dudes a hell of a lot of benefit of the doubt even when their own words give us ample reason not to.

He’s really not that old.

Yeah, I mean, he was expressing an opinion, not just asking a question. I guess I’m trying to tease about the nature of the objection. Is it

a) the opinion is wrong
b) it’s wrong for a white person to express an opinion at all on when the US government should recognize the end of slavery
c) it’s specifically wrong for UltraVires to express that opinion given his past history
d) it’s offered in bad faith
e) other

No doubt. But I’m trying to figure out how this particular post fits into that pattern. Is the “benefit of the doubt” my (so far) refusal to automatically assume he offered that opinion in bad faith? Or my stubborn belief that he’s entitled to offer that opinion, despite his whiteness?

Oh fuck off already. You know exactly who he is and what he’s doing. Nobody’s buying it.

n/m, I don’t care

It would not be wrong for a White person to have offered a polite opinion. Some time in the 1860s. Maybe.

It is wrong for a White person to offer an opinion in opposition to African-Americans’ chosen date now.

Especially with such a complete fucking insulting tone - “false history”, my ass.

Yeah, we can all see how much you “don’t care” by how many posts you’ve made defending this piece of racist shit. :roll_eyes:

That was specifically in response to @friedo, not the thread in general. And would you quit with this ‘defending’ nonsense. I’m not some UV white knight. I’m totally on-board with most of the UV pitting. This particular OP seemed a little innocuous is all.

I think I’ve been relatively clear in this thread: I agree that we should use Juneteenth as the end-of-slavery holiday for basically the reason that’s already been articulated in this thread: it’s long been used by the African American community for that purpose. I’m just not on-board with the idea that a white person can’t believe that a different date - like the anniversary of the 13th amendment - should be used instead. Or that they can’t express that opinion here, today, in 2021.

I’ll believe that when you

Rather than continue to flap your lips about what you’re “just” not on-board with.

Yes, White Lawyer Man can express an opinion. The point is that he should not.

Look, we clearly need to kidnap allow all the poor negro chiles to grow up in an atmosphere where they learn proper history the White… I mean, right way.