I Pit UltraVires

Whatever, man. I’ve been listening, and trying to understand the perspective of you and others, but that’s not actually what you want. You want mindless agreement.

Like fuck, you have. You’ve been arguing. Not the same thing.

No, I want mindful agreement.

That requires a mind, though…

Are those mutually exclusive in your world?


No, but you’ve clearly been doing the one, and not the other.

Because you still haven’t Shut The Fuck Up. So you’re clearly not listening (which is not the same as hearing)

I give exactly zero fucks for some racist-defending fuckhead like you thinking they’re being cute, right now. Fuck off.

Huh, UV seems to have disappeared from that thread, but another idiot lawyer is stepping all over his dick now:

No, no, omnibus threads are why the board is dying.
[/quote]EXACTLY! They make it nearly impossible to track the topic and if you have been away for any length of time you find yourself HUNDREDS of posts behind.

AKA “I am leaving now, having my ass handed to me and not learning a single fucking thing.”

I’m not leaving, have already explained/clarified that post, didn’t have my ass handed to me, and learned a bit. Other than that, good post man!

You are not wrong in saying that a person known to be right-leaning is going to be more poorly-received making these kinds of comments than someone known to be left-leaning. (I think it’s a matter of opinion if you think it is fair to take a person’s political leanings in mind when responding.) As a left-leaning board that is to be expected.

However… The community doesn’t just give someone a pass for making racial remarks because they are professed to be left-leaning. Case in point…

That was a poster who was on the left side of the aisle who was identified as both a racist and a misogynist and was raked over the coals for it. People don’t just get a pass because they express liberal opinions. People on the left get called out for those things on this board routinely.

That seems to be pretty common, right?

There’s an assumption on the right that their own tribalism is mirrored on the left. The projection is real.

BTW, good job to whoever made the comparison to American Independence Day in that thread. We tend to think of July 4 as the end-all and be-all of American independence but it’s pretty much an arbitrary date.

I’m sorry to say that Jesus wasn’t born on Dec. 25 either.

I took that second one to be sarcastic.

I know this is a tautology but we celebrate those things on those dates because we celebrate those things on those dates. It doesn’t really matter what date we celebrate those things on (or anything really), it just matters that they are celebrated.

Is Thanksgiving an actual date for when the “original” Thanksgiving with the pilgrims was done? Of course not, it’s not even a set date each year. Presidents’ Day is an arbitrary date. Since when did a holiday or other celebration have to correspond exactly to some perfect historical date?

Talk about ignorant…

As long as we all agree that St. Valentine really did bestow love upon humanity for the first time on February 14, 255 C.E.

You’ve got to be the most ignorant person alive if you think that reasoning is acceptable for Christmas but not for Juneteenth.

My question is, how does Arbor Day factor into this?

I don’t think UV claims to speak for the trees. But I wouldn’t put it past him to try.

The guy you were talking to (@MrDibble) is a well known race baiting imbecile, I wouldn’t take it personally.

I wasn’t taking it personally, but nah, Dib’s fine. He just trips over his own ego sometimes.