I Pit whistlers

But this is not Pitworthy enough to go into the Pit.

I hate it when people whistle. In any circumstance. I hate it when they do it to create “music.” I hate it when they do it to music. They add nothing to the song, and usually only prove that they have no concept of pitch or key center. I was in a bank a little while ago, and there was background music. A Brinks guy was leaving, and as he did so, he whistled what might be considered a melody of sorts. It was not the melody of the song. Nowhere even close. But it had the same rhythm, more or less, so this guy probably thought he was whistling “along with” the song. Yeah as in at the same time as.

This little rant extends to hummers, toe tappers, and desktop drummers.

Brother Bones & His Shadows would like a word with you.

Well sure, but the big difference here is musical talent and welcome venue.

Guilty as charged. (Well, I don’t hum, but ya got me on the other 3)
I recall hearing somewhere that absent-minded whistling, toe-tapping, etc. is often a sign of *minor *Adult ADD. The thought being that the brain needs a little “something” to fill in the empty spaces, so it starts the body whistling/tapping/drumming in order to provide that extra little bit of stimulation that it needs. I have no idea if there’s even a grain of truth behind this concept, but that doesn’t stop me from using it as my excuse :slight_smile:

I whistle. What you gonna do about it, chump?

Seriously, though, it’s kind of a tic I have. I sometimes feel very self-conscious when I’m in public, and whistling helps occupy my mind (yes, it probably draws more attention to myself…I didn’t say it makes sense). And then there are those melodies that are so infectious that there’s nothing I can do. Have you ever listened to Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John? That song just dares you not to whistle. I try not to do it too much. Usually I’m just whistling as I walk down the street, so your exposure should be limited. Is that so bad?

As for the drumming/toe tapping, I’ve managed to kick that habit for the most part. It used to drive my classmates up the wall back in high school. If I had a nickel for each time someone snapped at me…

In short, I’m sorry, tdn.

On Preview: Count me in on that excuse bandwagon, Suburban Plankton.

I went through a whistling phase some years back. Still do whistle, from time to time, but it’s not a big thing with me.

I think I’d prefer some whistling, humming, and singing-along to that damned noise from the Ipods used on the bus.

Sorry. I like to whistle.

My niece went through a whistling stage a couple years back. That was fun because then I could call my sister Whistler’s Mother.

Let’s just say I’m glad the Dope is a silent medium. :wink:

I saw the Simpsons movie on opening night. I had to change my seat twice. The first time, I was next to a teenager. Though he was dressed for the beach, he was wearing enormous boots. And tapping to the music. It wasn’t so much that I could hear it. I could feel it.

My dad was whistler but it was not a full out whistle. Kind of a breathy whistle.

My BF does the same thing.

They seem to do it most when they are tinkering or puttering.

I try and associate it with a cats purr. They are happy and doing something that makes them happy so they “purr”.

I had a wooden whistle but it wooden whistle,
so I bought a steel whistle but it steel wouldn’t whistle,
so I bought a tin whistle and now I tin whistle.

I’m a total desk drummer. I mean, double kick drum on the legs of my desk, pen on paper clip bowl for hi-hat, and a nice snappy snare drum in the form of my mouse pad. My co-workers hate me.

I’m a whistler, and yeah, even at work. I wouldn’t be surprised if it annoys someone, so thanks for calling me out; I’ll try to cool it when others are around.

Now and then I practice whistling and humming at the same time (trying to harmonize with myself). I bet that’s even more annoying.

I too, hate whistlers, but only because I CAN’T DO IT! So many people have tried to teach me. I’m simply defective. :rolleyes:

I used to be a - name the surface - drummer, and I still am sometimes. It never bothered anybody but my eighth-grade teacher. I know all the places on my desk at work where the pitches are right to recreate the kick, snare and toms. Same with the kitchen counter while I’m waiting for the toast to pop. But mainly, I’ve kicked that habit because now I’ve got (horn fanfare) Real Drums!

I whistle occasionally, too. It bugs my wife, but only because she never learned how to do it. She puckers her lips and makes such a pathetic sound, it cracks us both up, every time. She hears me whistling a song we know and pouts “I want to whistle so bad!” But she can’t. Ha ha! What bugs me are people who can really whistle, whose lips are like a musical instrument. I’ll never be that good. But I’m not too bad. I’d never do it to annoy someone.

I’m a musician, as are most of my friends; I can’t think of a single one of us who’s not either humming. whistling, tapping or drumming on something at any given time. I’ve recently even realized that I grind my teeth in time to whatever tune is playing in my head in idle moments. It’s all involuntary, really, and for the most part unconscious. We’re not trying to be showboats or irritate those around us.

Oh yeah, I grind my teeth like drums to the music in my head, same as santosvega. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t.
I can’t believe that was my five thousandth post!

santosvega, I’m a musician too, and I think that’s why whistling bugs me so much. I’m sensitive to pitch. Especially bad pitch.

I couldn’t whistle either, until I was about 22 or 23. Keep on tryin’!

My only problem with whistlers is whistling strikes me as a conscious effort to tell everybody,“Look at me! I’m so damn happy I can’t contain myself! I’m bursting with song!”

My cockatiel farts in your general direction.

I used to love to whistle a tune to my doggies. It was so cute to watch them turn their heads toward me and try to puzzle out whether I was calling them or just making a tune.