I Pit You, My Fellow Australians

I pit you, my fellow Australians, or at least those of you who left comments about the 12 year old girl granted the court’s permission to have an abortion.

When an intellectually disabled 12 year old girl turns up pregnant, my first assumption is that she was sexually abused and raped, not that she’s promiscuous. Yet there’s over 200 comments that largely condemn the girl and her parents for her situation, assuming that she was a willing sexual partner.

A selection of comments from just the first couple of pages:

Extra punctuation = extra outrage!!!

Mmm, me too. I hope this pregnant 12 year old with the intellect of a 6 year old wasn’t taken advantage of. :rolleyes:

Oh sure. Those intellectually disabled girls are usually so forward and can easily pass for early twenties.

Right. The 12 year old being pregnant MUST be because her parents allow her to run amok and not even possibly be anything at all to do with a paedophile taking advantage of her.

Yes, of course it’s her (so-called) parents that are to blame for this, and not the father of the child.

This summary of comments was almost as depressing to read as YouTube.

I guess you haven’t realized yet that most comments left on public news sites are idiotic. This is no exception.

I never understand why they don’t moderate comments on news sites.

This is for YouTube but applies to most places that have a comment box:

I Pit Australia for Mel Gibson!

Hey, don’t blame us! He was born in New York.

To be fair and balanced to our fellow Australians, here are some of the other comments:

Some Australian news services do. For example all comments in Fairfax Group news sites are moderated.

Born in the USA.
Came to Australia with his family aged 12 where he finished his education.
Never stopped thinking of himself as American and, after achieving some success as a movie star, returned to the USA permanently (I hope).

I pit Austrialia for Rupert Murdoch.

What A Dick.

So is this a dick pit?

I officially withdrawl my pitting of Australia for Mel Gibson. Instead, I pit them for *Steve Irwin *and Sheep!

Ouch! Pwn’d!

I feel for you, Cazzle, but really… the folks that post comments on most news sites are about on par with the ones that post comments on YouTube.

I realise it’s easy to start wondering What The MFing Hell IS WRONG With Our Country?! when you encounter that level of ignorance, but try not to read too much into it. There are no doubt plenty of people who disagree but don’t see the point in wrestling with pigs on a comments board. (You both get dirty, and only the pig enjoys it.)

On behalf of my nation, I am sorry for Russel Crowe.

Nah, I take that back. He’s a Kiwi.

turns eatsward and shakes fist

The New Zealanders (and Welsh, I think) have a lot more sheep. Pit Australia for Rolf Harris.

Ah, but it’s not how many sheep you have, it’s what you do with them.