I pitt D'Anconia

Yeah, there’s a fucking shocker. That guy is obtuse in every single thread. I tangled with him in an inflation thread.

What does his username mean or reference? I have no idea (honestly asking).

Atlas Shrugged

I know, what a shocker, right?

Haha! I’m glad that was scrubbed from my memory.

I’ve been trying to figure that out for a while. I can think of no other poster who brings as little to the board as the pittee.



Trolling of course. Low grade enough to constantly manage to stay way under the radar. Look how much he managed to disrupt with the first comments about food and Twitter staff.
I bet he’s thrilled at the result considering the effort.

Pretty blatant trolling now in the election deniers thread. Nothing subtle about it.

And the Herschel Walker thread. That guy brings nothing of value here.

Calling Fetterman a “brain-damaged moron” really pissed me off. I guess D’Anconia should just be grateful no one in his family has ever had a stroke.

Yep, I immediately got really pissed off and started to reply to the moron. Then discarded it and thought to bring the hate here. What a low-information piece of shit.

That’s exactly what he wants - to piss people off. For some, that’s what gives them their jollies. Hard to know what’s wrong with their wiring if that’s what they enjoy.

I was tempted to reply to him in the thread, but what’s the point? I’m not thrilled by the way folks make fun of Walker either, though.

Some kids torture stray animals, others troll the internet. Sociopaths gotta sociopath. Just be glad that he limits the expression of his hatred to such small and easily ignored efforts.

I have no doubt he would show the same compassion he shows everyone else(other than megalomaniac billionaires).

He didn’t though, others gave that label to Walker, and he just pointed out that Fetterman is documented as having recently suffered brain damage. Now, I would push back on the “moron” part, but it’s not worth hashing that out in the thread.

As I said in the thread there, my best friend suffered brain damage due to a stroke not that long ago. I’m a tad touchy about it to be honest because it’s personal (I mean, he has been my best friend for more than 2 decades, he’s practically my brother). But it is extremely hypocritical to be angry at DA for what other posters are also doing.

Personally, I think Walker’s issues aren’t really about whether he is compromised by a brain injury. I think he’s just a bad person who has built his campaign around lies, and has absolutely zero qualifications to serve in the US Senate. No need to bring disability into this.

I do think DA is an asshat if he wants to make an equivalency between Fetterman and Walker, as far as their suitability for serving in public office.

Pitt, the source of BS. (A good number of my relatives are or have been affiliated with Pitt, so I should know :wink:)

What’s that?

Truth Social.

Wait, no, that’s the pussy grabbing forum.

I thought it was the I Can Has Cheezburger community.

I don’t think it’s all that hard to understand. Like anyone else, they want to be known for some kind of fame, to leave a legacy, to make a mark on the world. Their actual problem is they have nothing of value to contribute because they’re too self-absorbed to bother learning anything. That leaves just one thing left: getting people riled up enough to react to you. And that is their mark.

It’s like if you’re at a party, and you decide to “leave your mark” by squatting over the punch bowl and dropping a deuce in there. People will certainly talk about you.