I potentially stole produce tonight(for more that in was worth).

I went to the local Kroger, looking for something that I wanted to have in my back pocket, in case I went back to the braise.
which was a couple bulbs of fennel., which are a nice low maintenance aromatic, kinda like leek when you don’t want to chew on sand.

Now I am pretty damn sure I know what fennel looks like, kinda like a squished scrotum with multiple stalks going north with flimsy needles.
there wasn’t an actual sign on the bin, to show the price, but how the hell much could fennel be?
Well the check out chick had no idea what the bag was contained of, and asked me what it was. I said fennel. she didn’t know the galactic produce code for fennel, and when she looked it up the only produce the Kroger system had for “F” was figs. I said I was pretty damn sure they weren’t figs,

Some nice lady behind me, trying to go on with her day, said they might be an endive. The check out chick said endive is on sale, so I said sure, I was probably mistaken, is was mostly likely endive.
So now I have some nice bulbs of endive to braise in the pot I am roasting the lamb.

I once potentially stole batteries. And I virtually stole holy water. Then I basically stole computer software.

I finished by essentially stealing oil.

If it wasn’t under fennel, it was listed as anise.

And, you didn’t steal anything. You brought it to the counter, she offered to sell it you and, as an agent of the store, gave you her asking price. You agreed to the price and gave her the money to complete the transaction. You didn’t lie to her in order to get a better price (it’s not that you said it was fennel, but it was actually laptop) and you didn’t intentionally conceal anything in an attempt to not pay for it.
Fennel is, what, somewhere between 1 and 3 dollars. Envice is probably two bucks. The store may not have received the amount they wanted, but that’s entirely on them.

Also, while I’d prefer my cashiers not make up prices, sometimes you have to take your best guess just to get the line going because it’s faster then trying to get the actual price, especially when it’s something that doesn’t cost more than a buck or two. However, at least at my store, I’d expect them to make me aware that the item isn’t priced so I can fix it.

Yeah, you might make the case that the cashier stole from the store. But you sure didn’t.

Enjoy your flimsy-needled scrotums with a clear conscience.

Half a sentence in, I was picturing you walking out with a pound of fennel sticking out of your back pocket, waving in the breeze.

You were honest and the store didn’t have the accurate information (that’s their responsibility.)

The amount at stake was tiny and there was a customer waiting to spend much more.

I think everybody acted reasonably!

…and they all moved away from me on the bench.


If you didn’t throw all that garbage off the cliff you wouldn’t have ended up on the bench with the mother rapers and father stabbers in the first place.

My biggest potential store “theft”: I’m in college, I take my soft-earned Work Study pay to Sam’s Club to buy four 1 MB SIMMs at around $40 each (which you have to take a ticket for from the display section, take to the service desk, and they retrieve them from a locked case.) I get back to my room and see that I have three 1 MB SIMMs and one 4 MB SIMM (which sold for around $160 at the time.) I thought wistfully about how nice it would have been if they had accidentally gave me four 4s, but since memory modules had to be installed four at a time, it was all useless to me until I took back the 4 and got a 1 in it’s place. (If they had given me four 4s? I probably would 99% likely kept 'em, to hell with the Waltons losing $480.)

I shit-hooked (by accident) Kroger out of a case of beer. I had two, scanned one two times. Didn’t realize till I got home one of them didn’t take.

Oops. Me and Kroger got a Beef on!

I’ve had to bend over the counter, look on the roll-thing on the register, and look for the item myself and then point it out to them, lol. When we first got the BIG supermarket here with all kinds of produce the young help would look at it (tamarind, starfruit, kumquats) and ask, ‘what are you going to do with that?’ lol.

It’s the potato discount!

What’s this orange item? Potato
What’s this red item? Potato
What’s this green item? Potato

And around here at least, it’s quite difficult for the supermarkets to prove any kind of theft out of that.

Target after christmas sale on lights (years ago) - the 100ct sets were supposed to be .23 per - we took 4 cases up to the front (@20 sets per if memory serves) - lady at counter rang up the cases @ .23 per - I tried to tell her several times it was per set, not per case - she would have nothing of it.

I’ve seen a lot of stores setting the same price for similar-looking items, presumably to avoid this problem.

I bought an amp at Guitar Center last year. It was a basic one, probably around $100, and they had to go in the back and get it. They brought out a shipping box and I paid for the amp and went on my way. I didn’t end up opening the box for quite some time (got busy and forgot about it) but when I finally did open it, I discovered not one but two of the same amp, each one individually boxed.

I didn’t even think about keeping it. I only needed one, and I hate going through the hassle of selling things secondhand, so I took it back to GC and told them what happened (remember, this was several months after the purchase). I think they were a little surprised that I’d bothered bringing it back, but pleased.

Fennel goes in the back pocket, onion goes on the belt.

It’s hard keeping up with fashion sometimes.

Years ago I was grocery shopping and in the discount cooler there were 3-lb packages of hamburger patties marked at $2 each because they were near their sell-by date. I grabbed four or five of them, figuring on popping them into my storage freezer. After I left the store I was checking the receipt and saw that the cashier had manually entered the price for each of them as twenty cents.

I accidentally stole a bag of M&M’s, the big 1000g one, from Kroger. I thought I was scanning things after the wine, but apparently, the whole POS freezes until some idiot shows up to reset the age-related fault. I suppose that I was supposed to stand there twiddling my thumbs instead of continuing to check out.

At Meijer, I can pretty much do everything while waiting for the clerk to establish the legality of my purchase, so I give them my money now.