I praise Roadfood and pit Liberal

The thread was Math: Discovered or Invented?

Roadfood, your posts in this thread were admirable in many ways: Succinct, sensible, and, above all, correct. You fought the good fight–bravo!

Liberal, your posts in thread were what they usually are: Faux-intellectual, self-involved, and disruptive. What a fucking crybaby you are in last line of this post.

If you could just get your mental dick out of your hand for 10 minutes, you might actually be able to make something of what is universally acknowledged by the board to be a good bit of intelligence.

You are a clever disrupter. You play within the rules (or are given a mod “variance,” or something) but manage to do far more damage than many of those who flagrantly break them. Your presence in a thread means it’s going to fucking hell–you’re an unstoppable force.

Please don’t feed your ego the bullshit line that people here pit you on a weekly basis because you “challenge” them, and they can’t handle it. If that were the case, then your challenges would pertain to the topic at hand. The would lead to a deeper exploration of the topic, not to the godawful hijacks that they actually, and almost invariably, do. They might frustrate your mental inferiors by their very sharpness, but they would not lend themselves to the pathetic pit fodder that they actually, and almost invariably, do.

Chapter 27 of the Chinese philosophical classic Daodejing (ooh, I’m reading this right now in the original!* Can you do that, Dopers?! Let’s sprinkle this fact throughout the board–feed the ego! MY EGO!) says,

The best of leaders is unknown;
next best is one that is praised;
next best is one that is feared;
next best is one that is despised.

Let’s put it this way: You’re a leader in your own mind here**, but you’re not best, next best, or next best. You’re “next best.” Time to get a clue: The real leaders here are the ones that don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Barring your not getting a clue, please just shut the fuck up.

Final comment: I’m sure IRL you’re a great person with many fine qualities. I have no bone to pick with the real you, just the character that you play on this site. But that character does bring down the quality of the site more than just a notch (especially the forum most important to me, GD), and I’m just really sick of it.

*With a translation in hand and extremely limited knowledge of classical Chinese. The kind of caveats that Liberal doesn’t offer when he drops a name or a concept to imply he knows everything about fucking everything.

**Oh, and please don’t switch into the Lone Wolf for Truth act; that’s as fucking tiresome as everything else you do here.

You didn’t get the memo. Speedy Gonzo, SDMB hamster, (successor to the late, lamented Ol’ Lightnin’) has requested no further Lib pittings until his supply of amphetamines is replenished. Speedy’s supply, that is.

I’ll juice him up for one last run.

I like ol’ Lib, and I usually enjoy and agree with what he has to say. I’ll open threads I ordinarily wouldn’t just from seeing his name as the last poster. Lib is da bomb!

Right, there are perhaps 5 people on the board who feel that way. In the terminology of statistics, you are “outliers.”

Yes, it’s a lonely experience fighting the good fight, but I shall persevere.

Just checking in to invalidate the word “universally”.

Produced in association with Universal Studios?

You and Liberal partake of the same “how fun to be righteous and persecuted” approach to life. It’s a losers path.

The correct approach is to 1) Have a belief as to what is right, 2) Expect what is right to prevail, and 3) Experience surprise and regret when reality doesn’t match the ideal. Losers expect trouble and relish it when it comes along.

My, my, my…what an arrogant and presumptious path it is that you yourself have chosen. And a wrong one, at that.

I have never considered myself to be a particularly righteous person nor I have I ever considered myself to be persecuted. Of course, to those such as yourself, a mere acknowledgement of greater liberal numbers here at the SDMB, or of a perfectly obvious pile-on, is considered to be complaint of persecution. The truth, however, is simply the truth. You may have heard me make mention of these things, but you’ve not heard me complain about them nor bewail their existence.

Ah, enlightenment is at hand…


Based upon what, exactly? Did right prevail in China under Mao? Did right prevail in Germany under Hitler? Did right prevail in the U.S. under Jim Crow laws? How many people here would feel that right prevailed in the O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson cases? Etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Sounds like a head-in-the-sand approach to me.

Oh, I have, I have…believe me, I have.

Well, given the fact that I hardly agree with your previous assessment of me as a loser, I suppose it isn’t surprising that I fail to see the truth in this particular little nugget of wisdom. I can see how losers (or anyone, for that matter) could expect trouble, but what on Earth leads you to the conclusion that they “relish” it?

Sounds like a phony and ill-considered attempt at mental and attitudinal superiority in my book. But hey, if it makes you feel all high-minded, warm and fuzzy inside, don’t let me rain on your little parade.

All I’m basically saying is don’t go around picking fights. Don’t do the self-fulfilling-prophecy thing with oneself as the constant center of negative attention.

It’s amazing how when you expect the best out of others you really start to get the best out of others.

I have no quarrel whatsoever with this post.

Perhaps I jumped the gun in taking offense at your previous post. We’ve had squabbles before and, to be honest, I figured you were baiting me with your talk of losers, etc. I can see now that perhaps I was in error. I apologize.

No prob. I can handle the conservatism–just get your tongue out of Lib’s asshole and you’ll be OK with me.:slight_smile:


Boy, ya take up for a guy in one measly thread . . .

Well, you could address the issue he is pitted for rather than just saying “Golly gee, that Liberal is sure swell.”

Some times I like Liberal. He’s a smart guy. Funny from time to time. Some times I respect him. He can be frustrating but has a point to his posts.

Then there’s philosophical/religious Liberal, or as I like to call him, Captain Bringdown. He’ll argue a philosophical construct until he is blue in the face (I don’t think this takes long since I subscribe to the notion that Liberal is Papa Smurf, maybe Brainy). Once that happens, put on your oxgen masks and assume the position.

What the fuck is this? Liberal hasn’t done anything genuinely pit-worthy this week, so now we’re just pitting him for any damn thing he says, even if it’s on-topic and following forum rules? Jesus Christ.

Force of habit, I guess…

But, yeah, this seems a mite weak.

There’s a little bit of history here that you may not be aware of. The thread I spoke of is not this one. I took up for Lib in a previous pitting that Aeschines was part of, thus his “tongue” comment (or so I believe) and the reply of mine which you quoted.

Compared to his previous depredations, maybe so. I wasn’t even a participant in the thread. I was reading with interest when Liberal enters the thread, performs his usual shtick, and gets the usual results. And it really pissed me off.

He is a disruptive asshole in the thread, there’s no question about that.

I see. Sorry. I was never very good in history class.