I Present To You: The Buffalo Beast

There’s a free paper in Buffalo, New York that spits venom and rightfully carries the mantle of the early Hunter S. Thompson called the Buffalo Beast.
They’ve also got a blog here.

You may have seen a few of their articles bounced around in emails, for some of their infamy has come that way. Their paper tends to be rather left-leaning, just as a warning and they also do some stuff on local (Western NY) politics.

In any case, it’s a friggin hoot and it’s wonderfully and smartly written and I recommend it to everyone on this board.

The Beast is a good k,well written progressive paper that has guts. It is willing to take on the icons. Latest issue takes on John Stossel and Tom Cruise is a frequent target.

I’ve been picking it up pretty frequently lately, too. If you’re going to do the lefty activist journalism, that’s how to do it.

Thanks for the link. I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard of this before.

Suggest the 50 most loathsome people item. They smack Colter and Cruise and many icons.

Another thanks for the link. I play on going there a lot! :slight_smile:

Another thanks for the link. I play on going there a lot! :slight_smile:

Another thanks for the link. I plan on going there a lot! :slight_smile:

I didn’t do that! Swear to OG! Pushed the submit button once, honest!

Heh. Nice triple post. I’m the only one that’s ever done that…(that I’ve seen).

Spread the news of the Beast.

Was on my way to Ohio when I stopped in Buffalo for a drink and picked up a copy. My original intention was to hide my face while I stuffed it with a big, messy sandwich. I ended up taking copies home for my friends in Toronto. More power to The Buffalo Beast! I wish we had something that’s as smart, funny and free here.