Mike Savage: Ann Coulter looks good in comparison

Well, the NYTimes has a new bestseller. And what a bestseller it is.

“The Savage Nation: Saving America From the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language and Culture” is riding high… but why?

It’s essentially a regurgitation of freely accessible NewsMax collumns.

It’s essentially nothing more than calling everyone from the Clintons to Daschle communist traitors who love terrorists with little more than a few illogical invectives to go on.

If he was funny, I could understand. I mean, Michael Moore is little more than a demagouge who invents facts to serve his critiques, but he’s at least amusing somtimes. Savage is, at best, just utterly incompetant at expressing what should be rather simple thoughts. When I actually sat down to read his stuff, it was almost as bad as reading that Timecube guy or any AOL’s homepage. I mean, even if he were conservative line (which he isn’t), I can’t see how any conservative could think that this guy was a smart, articulate spokesman. Even if you agree completely with his points, you have to admit that this is probably the most scatterbrained, incoherent way to make them. Maybe he’s better on the radio. But in print, it’s just a disaster. Witness these train wrecks of word-association collumns:

Are Jewish Liberals to Blame?

Good Versus Evil

From a Melting Pot to a Chamber Pot

If this is really “a man with the courage to say what millions of conservative Americans have been thinking but are afraid to say out loud” then it is all the worse for those conservative Americans, because what they are “afraid to say” is nothing more than a bunch of factually ridiculous and shameful diatribes.

But then, I must be part of a cabal to enforce “mandatory suicide for sick seniors” to even think of criticizing this “brash, passionate and smart” (official MSNBC blurb for his new show) genius.

The reason that millions of us conservatives are afraid to say what Savage does is that what he says is both stupid and offensive.

I listened to his radio show on the recommendation of a friend, and lasted about ten minutes. This guy is trying to appeal to those who find Pat Buchanan to be wishy-washy.

If this is conservative, sign me up for EMILY’s List and the Hilary Clinton Fan Club.


Having never heard this fellow I will accept the analysis. However why is it we never hear so little criticism when Liberal go off the deep end? When the Dems were saying that the Repubs wanted to pollute the water and air who cried foul? When the GOP was accused of wanting to starve old people and kick them out into streat where was the reaction?

Again I don’t know so this guy could very well be an asshole and he is giving conservatives a bad name.

I don’t know quite what I am trying to say. It just irks me when so little scutiny is given to Dem out right lies and one jerk can taint the whole right side of the political spetrum.

Am I being whooshed? I’m being whooshed, right?

No not really. And I am not referring to this board either. But take the Jesse Jackson thread. Forgive me I haven’t figured out how to link yet. I have not heard the “National Press” hammering Jesse on this. But let some ass write a nasty inappropriate book say they are a Rebulican and it’s a national emergency.

Just my opinion.

So, Trob, I take it you haven’t heard of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly? Every time a Dem or Lib so much as raises an eyebrow these cats bloviate for days on it. You sound like you’re saying Libs get a free pass all day while the poor put-upon Republicans are suffering from the slings and arrows at every turn.

Geeez, what planet are you on?

Icarus…Feeling picked on are we? I would hardly call those “National Press”. A columnist and some radio hosts? Sure I’ve heard of 'em and read some. But my point is as I surf the nightly news, CNN and my local papers this stuff never pops up. Sure if you are a news junkie it is easy to find differiing opions. But mostly Joe Sixpack hits CNN in the morning getting dressed and a little Peter Jennings while the little women heats up his Hungry Man Dinner. So (s)he may not know these things.

Nope no slings or arrows here. Just stating that I don’t think we see the wacko left exposed as much as the wacko right.

What are you going on about? You’re talking about the most popular collumnists and radio shows in the country.

You don’t normally see anything on CNN or in the normal news press about how terrible Mike Savage is either, so what’s your beef? The people critiquing Savage are people like Spinsanity, who DO criticize blowhards on the left. But it’s a pretty hard sell to claim that there are anywhere near as many leftist blowhards who anyone listens to. Mike Moore is the only one that even comes close (Donahue?), and it’s not like anyone has given him a free ride either.

I concurr: what planet are you on?

This Just In:

Godless Liberal Media® Gives Michael Savage His Own TeeVee Show
Homo Commie Terrorists Conspire to Keep Conservative on Airwaves; Trob Needs Hanky

Without Googling, just working from memory here.

On the wacko right, we have Anne Coulter, Mike Savage, G. Gordon “Head-shot” Liddy, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Matt Drudge, Pat Buchanan, and Jerry Falwell, just to name a few.

On the wacko left, we have Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. And I’m being (heh) liberal by including Jackson, who is really more of a shameless media whore than a genuine looney.

Now, I admit I’m biased towards the left, so maybe a lot of the wacko liberals have sailed under my radar, but seems to me there’s a pretty huge conservative bias in the popular media, at least when it comes to political commentators.

So I guess I’m just the third poster to welcome Trob to our lovely planet, and I hope he enjoys his stay on Earth.

So, do we have any non-wacko Conservatives on the National Airwaves these days?

Non-Wacko Conservative on Radio: Michael Reagan. I really enjoyed his show, and was frustrated when we had to pre-empt him for Minnesota Twins (when they sucked) baseball.


Though I’m fairly liberal, I can handle listening to some conservative shows here and there listened to Michael Savage’s show a few times, and it made me want to strangle him. He’s sick. He honestly believes that anyone who isn’t as right wing as he is a traitor. I think one time I tuned in on Columbus Day, and Mikey was ranting about how the Indians deserved to be conquered and wiped out because they were an inferior culture. Bastard! :mad:

It’s even pretty hard to put Sharpton, as despicable as he can be, in the same league as those above. They are constant, daily prescences heard around the country. Sharpton is an occasional gadfly with a fairly small audience at occasional speaking events. It’s not like he has a radio show or anything. There are probably liberals out there that spend their days blasting Republicans and conservatives on daily shows and so forth… but I’ve never heard of them.

The dyspeptic Mr. Savage and his view of the world was previously discussed in this thread . I’m not going to repeat what I wrote about him there but I will say that he’s probably a bit meshuga.

Does MSNBC, in its effort to outfox FOX, know what it’s getting with this guy? How long do you think he’ll last before he completely alienates everybody who’s to the left of him (i.e., 99.999% of the viewing audience)?

Well, Miller, if your definition of “wacko left” is anything analogous to your definition of “wacko right”, then Ted Turner, Phil Donahue, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Bill Moyers, Bryant Gumbel, Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, etc., etc., all have to be considered as counterweights to the idea of some conservative bias in the media.

The mainstream media (NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC, all of Hollywood, The New York Times, the Washington Post) is biased fairly strongly to the left. Talk radio and Fox are on the right.

Let’s not try to kid anyone here. The bias in the media is to the left, and has been since the sixties.


Yes, I can hardly turn on CBS without seeing Dan Rather foaming at the mouth about “Have a pleasant tomorrow.” How is he remotely comparable to Savage or even Limbaugh? Please give me an example of him saying anything remotely extremist and loony as that ascribed to Savage, such as “Indians deserved to be wiped out due to their inferiority.”

Let’s not kid anyone here - this “liberal bias” whine is bullshit, and has been since the late 80’s.

Pleas Peter Jennings, you evil leftist! Stop repeatedly nailing Gary Condit on the horns of no new evidence at all of his guilt and predicting that Clinton will and should be impeached! Your liberal bias sickens me!

Mmm… Sorry, just not seeing the comparison. At a stretch, I might give you Turner, except he’s not a newscaster or political analyst. Okay, sure, he owns the news, so you’ve got a point there. The rest of them are liberal, yes, but very mainstream liberal. Which would make them conservative in almost any other country on Earth. I’ve certainly never seen anything from them that approaches the looniness of “The Indians deserved what they got” or “All liberals are terrorist sympathizers.”

Or, for an opposing view: