MSNBC's Savage Nation is no more!

MSNBC fires Michael Savage after anti-gay comments
According to MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines, Savage’s comments (below) were “extremely inappropriate”…

See the video at GLAAD.

It’s about fucking time.

I watched the video on GLAAD’s site. I’m having a hard time hearing what the caller said to Savage to set him off like that. All I caught was, “I need to suggest that Don and Mike …” Then he said something about Savage’s teeth, I think.

I suppose the people at MSNBC had never listened to his radio show if they didn’t expect something like this. His outburst isn’t surprising at all. It’s perfectly in line with the venom he spews out daily.

Even his radio show may be on the way out. His show was pulled from the New York (the #1 market) affiliate due to a contract dispute.

I’m a die hard conservative, but that guy is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there. I couldn’t listen to him for more than 15 minutes without constantly thinking to myself “…and this guy has a Ph.D.?”

Zev Steinhardt

Didn’t MSNBC know what this guy was like when they hired him? He makes Bill O’Reilly look like Barbara Streisand. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I can’t understand why anybody listens to this guy.

You think the show is bad? I read his book, a nonstop racist, homophobic, misogynist diatribe.

Dude needs therapy.

Who is Michael Savage and why is he being an asshole?

Mengele was a doctor too, Zev. Education, unfortunately, does not seem to be a prophylactic against bigotry.

Damnation. :eek:

I think I had a month. Did he last that long?

Apparently somebody who dreams about feeling up Barbra Streisand. (scroll down)

What a disgusting, ugly, pathetic comment. Ugh!

I’m looking forward to hearing his radio show tonight. I wonder what he’ll have to say about this…

Ok. For starters, is he a right wing asshole with a radio show?

Judging from that site, he’s a complete nut job. What’s with the creepy poorly photoshopped faces at the top?

Right winger Cal Thomas criticised MSNBC for even hiring the troglodyte in the first place (around the time of the Ashleigh Banfield bashing incident). Seems Savage can make even the most conservative traditionalist cringe.

I know that. I was actually referring to the fact that he didn’t sound particularly educated.

Zev Steinhardt

Is he the guy I saw advertised on “Hot Talk” in the SF Bay Area? I remember seeing a TV commercial for some really overheated guy talking about how talk radio is the last bastion of something-or-other, and how he knows what he’s talking about because he’s written 20 books (of course, if they’re all shitty books, they don’t prove anything).

At least we still have “Savage Love”!

I honestly think the man is psychotic. Good riddance!

Holy shit. What an asshole. I remember hearing his name on here a few times as being “anti-gay” but I didn’t realize the full extent of it.

World Eater,
Yes Savage is a right wing radio show host but even by right wing radio standards he’s out there. He’s pretty much openly racist, misogynist and homophobic. He can fairly be called a hate-monger without hyperbole. He makes Rush Limbaugh look like a reasoned moderate.