MSNBC's Savage Nation is no more!

Sooner or later, someone will use this as irrefutable proof of (ominous music, off stage right) ** the Liberal Media Bias**

His website claims 18 books. But I suspect the vast majority are on the subject of herbal medicine…

If Donahue’s show couldn’t be allowed because he had anti-war guests on from time to time, then Savage didn’t have long at MSNBC. Now, if they’d just straighten out Brian William’s crooked face…


Dr. Weiner, please meet Mr. Downey, Mr. Pyle, and Mr. George.

They’d like to talk to you about their 15 minutes of fame.

Ok. For a minute I thought we were talking about Dan Savage, and was really confused.

I know. That always throws me, Eonwe.

Isn’t there some high gay rights muckamuck in the states whose last name is Phelps?

Oh, boy, this made my day. It even erased the trauma of walking into Barnes and Noble and seeing a whole table full of the CoulterBeast’s coughbookscough. Good riddance.

Speaking personally, I say “thank God!”. The man is a disgusting piece of work, beyond even Michael Moore and Anne Coulter. He’s an exploitative shock jock without any humor to make him worth listening to.

On the other hand, I hated GLAAD’s approach to removing him. Getting the word out is one thing, alerting MSNBC and his advertisers about stuff he’s said on his radio show is perfectly cool with me, but boycotting those advertisers seems a little much to my very Free Speech mentality.

Still, thats neither here nor there now, and I’m glad the man got his comeuppence

How can this be? If a boycott is anti-free-speech, then what’s the alternative - buying every product in existence in case they’re supporting some kind of discourse endeavour? What in the world is wrong with not buying a product you don’t want?

So maybe Bill O’Reilly is next, one hopes? Or does he have to burst a few more blood vessels before he gets to Savage levels?

O’Reilly may be a pompous ass, but he is neither racist nor homophobic, nor has he come close to saying anything like what Savage has.

Gotcha, thanks.

Sounds like a real nice guy. :rolleyes:

How the hell did he get a show? Sounds like the advertisers would run him out of town.

I can’t believe his book did so well. I turn the display copies around every time I’m in the bookstore.

Theres a winger radio station, calls itself the Patriot (no, I am not making this up). They have an array of tighty righty talkers, and I listen quite a bit. (If you ask me, i’ll claim openmindedness, but in my heart I know its morbid curiosity, like watching old Army “hygiene” movies. Except for thier voices, you really can’t tell one from another, Gallagher sounds like Pronger, and Medved sounds like the kid from school who almost never made it to the cafeteria with his lunch money.

But this guy is what we Texans call schtarkers!

I think he sold his soul to Satan.

Boycotting isn’t “not buying a product you don’t want”, but rather “not buying a product you do want in hopes of sending some sort of message”. The alternative is buying the product you do want. Still, its a pointless hijack I shouldn’tve made in the first place, and moot now anyway.

Talking about this Patriot?


Chalk me up as a conservative who’s glad this guy is gone.

Frankly, I loathe most of the conservative TV/radio media types – dumb, ill-spoken, and lacking anything resembling a well-thought out philosophy of government (outside of “opposed to liberalism”). Is there anyone out there who can pick up the mantle of William F. Buckley’s Firing Line – someone with carefully-considered opinions who isn’t a raving loon?

(Yes, I know that Buckley called Gore Vidal a queer in 1968, but that seems to me to just be a pissed-off retort to Vidal’s calling him a “crypto-Nazi,” and in any event the rest of his career more than makes up for that sin.)