I read too damn fast

This is why I’ve gotten away from reading and into computer games. A decent computer game will keep me occupied for at least a few days, even if I have nothing better to do (like, say, right now). But even that eventually wears thin, and since WOTLK is still over a month away, time to start borrowing books again. (I don’t buy books regularly, because aside from space issues, I just can’t afford to buy them often enough to tide me over for long)

Anyways, last Friday I was out with a friend for lunch, and after I went to his place to raid his collection, since we have fairly similar tastes and the library on South has a pitiful selection. It didn’t take me long to pick out five novels that seemed interesting and went home.

I’m seeing him again tonight and plan to take four of those books with me to return.

I really need something better to do.

I read too damn slow.

I am a slow reader. If someone shows me something…

“Have you read it yet?”


“Have you read it yet?”


“Have you read it yet?”


“Have you read it yet?”



Lord of the Rings: Too Long. DID Read.

I am like you. My son is the same way. It used to be a point of contention with some of my friends that I would be reading 3 or 4 novels at one time and finish them all within a few days. My son (age 8) just finished a 200 page book in 2 days – he is also reading 2 other books for school. Poor kid. I will say that it could be worse, my daughter is a slow reader, it takes her forever to read books, and she gets frustrated.


I am with you.

If it’s just light fun stuff like LOTR or [insert random bestseller series here] I have clocked myself at more than a hundred pages an hour.

I have two ten foot bookcases doublestacked on each shelf and books piled on the floor around them that won’t fit- and there is hardly anything I haven’t read AT LEAST twice- and that stuff is worse than shampoo bottles, such being why I haven’t read it multiple times.

The library won’t let you take out more than six books at a time.

When I was nine my mom made a deal with the librarian in our small town to allow twenty a week, and I still ran out far too early.

That’s what happens when you grow up without a television.

I finished the Baroque Cycle for the seventh time last night.

I read way too fast, as well. Unfortunately, my tastes in literature are extremely narrow… so I’ve got a medium-sized library of books that I’ve reread over and over. Most of my books, I’ve read at least ten times.

I read fairly fast, and sometimes it is annoying, like with a book I really like and want to savor. Sometime I blow through an entire novel, and go back thinking, “Wait, I LIKED reading that…I wish I still were.”

Pretty much the same here. Only its compounded by the fact that I usually go years between readings of the same book, and most of my books are currently in another country–everything I have here has been bought in the last year, so I haven’t gotten to the point that I want to read any of them again yet.

Weird, the mouseover preview for this thread would appear and disappear in a flash but I bet the OP could have read it. :smiley:

If you live in the US, might I suggest www.booksfree.com? Works like NetFlix, only with books. They have a reasonable selection and after almost six months, I’ve yet to have a problem with them. Although I have found that I need to supplement their 4-at-a-time plan with other reading - it takes around 10 days for a round trip (books to me plus books back to them). This doesn’t bother me because I’m a big re-reader, though.