I really apologize. I had to do this.

Honest, Adobe Photoshop put a paintgun to my head and forced me to make this.

It’s all my brother’s fault. I was discussing The Twilight Zone, and he misoverheard me. After that, I had to do it. My right-brain took me hostage.

Here ya go: The Twilight Zone.

Well crafted, humorous. 4 stars out of 5. :slight_smile:


Definitely belongs on one of those funny Photoshopped movie poster sites!


Can you share the URL for your DeviantArt page? :smiley:

That is great, and needs to make the intertube rounds asap!

That is awesome. It actually took a few second for the joke to sit in, which, to me, makes it perfect. I’m sure my sister, who actually likes Twilight (rather than just remembering everything about it like I do) will find it hilarious.

Maybe I should get a DeviantArt page.

Go ahead! Nothing would be funnier than to see it because the next overused internet meme.

That would be nice. You don’t strike me as the type that would delete all critical comments, which happens too often there.

Dibs on BuzzFeed.

Shared on FB, attributed to my friend Malleus. :slight_smile:

You could probably make a few bucks putting it on a t-shirt…

Have you shown this to Cleolinda Jones? She might get a kick out of it. I certainly did!


Put it up on another message board I read, which is full of juvenile types, some of which I am certain do the 4Chan thing. Good luck!

oh please let this be put up on one of those blogs where the twi-hards hang out…please please please!

My only hope is that the teeny boppers who worship Twilight will one day about ten years hence stumble across Anne Rice and learn what a real vampire novel should really be.

Nice job!

It’s even funnier if you imagine the text being read out loud by Rod Serling. And funnier still if you imagine it being read by the Futurama “Scary Door” guy. :smiley:

I am soooo sharing that!