I really have to start using Rotten Tomatoes

Bored yesterday, I found a movie on On-Demand that sounded mildly stupid, but had Adrian Brody in it, so gave it a try. The movie was Splice and I knew as soon as the opening credits started that I’d made a mistake. What a total waste of time and $4.99. The thing really reeked. I really need to do some research before spending my money.

I always check RT before I hit the “Order” button on On-Demand. It doesn’t hurt to look at the trailers either, which they usually have on the order menu. Four second of a trailer can sometime be all I need to see.

Splice is 74% with the critics on RT which isn’t that bad and wouldn’t turn me off a movie. It’s in the 30’s with audience but it had a terrible trailer that mis-sold it IMO so can see why lots of people were disappointed with it.
I liked it I have to say. It’s a good genre movie from the Cronenberg style of movie making. It’s not a movie for everyone though I accept that.

Ah, Splice. It was like a well-funded episode of Tales from the Crypt.

It was just so. . .stupid.

I was pretty pissed with myself for sitting through that thing a couple nights ago.

This is me right here. It was about what I expected (after checking RT,) if not a little better. I liked that it turned out to be psychological horror about the familiar scenario of perpetuating family dysfunction rather than a straightforward creature feature.

Yes, it relied heavily on the clichéd idiom of the genre, but it’s horror/sci-fi; I pretty much expect that. The acting was good for a genre horror movie, the story was pretty good (for a genre horror movie,) and the effects were decent.

Owing to my wife’s tastes, I tend to watch more horror movies than I would generally be inclined to on my own (having burned out on them before the eighties ended) and I think Splice was one of the better ones from the past few years.