Splice (open spoilers)

This was much better than expected. Yes, it’s basically another update of Frankenstein, but very well done. I liked Dren’s character design. She got very, very humanlooking. The sex scene with her and Clive was very interesting and so very wrong on many different levels. :slight_smile: The most disturbing scene in the whole film was right after she killed the cat when Elsa suddenly did a 180 and went back to treating her like a lab speciman insead of a child. Dren (after we’ve gotten used to the idea that she’s a little girl) tied to a table with Elsa casually talking about species identity confusion and cutting off her dress and wiping her makeup off was chilling. Very Mengelesque. Much creepier than [del]her[/del] him swooping down from the air and killing people (not to mention raping Elsa). I also like how they avoided the whole evil corporation with no respect for laws or morality (at least 'till the closing scene).

I was going to open a thread on this, but it looks like I was beaten to the punch.

I haven’t seen it, but wanted to know what others thought. It looked hokey to me at first, but it’s getting good reviews, and even earned a segment on NPR’s Science Friday yesterday!

Hasn’t this trope been done to death? Eve of Destruction, for example, where the main difference is that in this movie “she” is an android, not a cyborg. Several other examples exist, one of which involved a female creature who had to mate with a human in order to procreate (of course she also kills the sperm donor in the process Preying-Mantis style). In what significant way is this different?

Thought it was pretty meh. Felt like a Cronenberg movie but without Cronenberg’s style. Wonder if there will be a sequel. It was certainly left wide open.

Thought it was pretty bad. Completely predictable start to finish. Entire theater was laughing through the Dren sex scene and follow-up back in their apartment. Only positive I can say is that the Dren creature effects were impressive until she turned male. The male Dren was very much a let down.

Well, that was odd. The incest was unexpected, anyway. I expect there to be a sequel, box office take permitting.

Did not like. Chicken girl with a scorpion tail and nice tits? Come on.

The sex scene with Clive was good for a few laughs.

Did you notice that when Dren was cute and female, it was repugnant to kill her, but when she turned into a male rapist, it was suddenly OK? I mean, yeah, I get it, but what simplistic writing.

^^^This. We may have been in the same theater. I was laughing my ass off at the sex scene…it was not believable.

The screenwriting was crap.

True, but she was also acting much more human when she was cute & female and like an animal after the sex change (I agree that making him so clearly dangerous before killing him was lazy).

By the way did anyone else think that Fred & Ginger’s heads looked lile glans pensises?