I really love ya Barnes & Noble, but DAMN this pisses me off!

Ok, before I even get started I am going to bow to the superior ranting skills of everyone else on this board. I know this is lame compared to the grand scheme of the Universe, but SHIT, is it too much to ask, Barnes & Noble? I’m mad, and I’ve been schlepping around in the rain to every office supply store in town because of you dickbelts!

Almost exactly a year ago I purchased a very nice, black leather, (zippered, mind you) day-runner organizer thingy from you guys. I paid 40 bucks for it, because I thought I would be able to use it for many years to come. Needless to say, I spent many pleasurable hours working on it, anticipating how organized I was gonna be this year, finally! Oh the sweet salvation of being to have everything at my fingertips…
Ah, how I have grown attached to it, carrying it everywhere, entrusting my important papers to it’s secure, cozy, yet roomy pockets…(sigh)…

So two weeks ago, I realize it is time. It is time to get calendar refill pages for the precious thing. I make my way to the store where I first laid eyes on it, and I see that there are more organizers there, (none zippered, mind you) but no refill pages. I feel a slight bit of anxiety, but assure myself that surely an organization such as yours wouldn’t be so remiss in your inventory. They must be here in you spacious, lovley store somewhere.

After posing my query, I stand patiently and wait, as your college student employees scroll through their PC screens. I am told to call Meg, because after all, she is the one who orders this stuff. I am handed a yellow post-it with her number.

Well, Meg is never there, and she doesn’t return her phone calls. By now, I am becoming indignant, and all the while my calendar pages are ticking down, everyday drawing closer, closer to their demise. Dear God, the humanity! I need the pages, fast! Help me!

I return to the store once more. I am told, not by Meg, “You better just check at an office supply store because I don’t think we have any plans to order refill pages for these.”

So I do.

And you know what I find, at every frigging store in Savannah Georgia?


I know I could buy the other kind and use this wonderful invention they call a hole-puncher and sit and punch new holes in all the pages, but FUCK! I am a busy woman with a career in two fields, a husband, and two Elementary school-age kids, I don’t have time for this shit, do you hear me, Barnes & Noble?

Why in the hell would you sell something like this, you dweebtards? No plans to order any refills? That is dumb as a box of rocks and you guys make my ass want to suck a lemon!

I now have, sitting next to me, here, on my desk, my new day-runner organizer thingy, (zippered, mind you) that I purchased from Office Depot, and while I am sure I will grow to love it…(sniff, sniff)…it just won’t be the same! Dammit!

And I swear to GOD, Office Depot, I BETTER be able to get refills for this sucker next year, because I would sooner go to hell in gasoline drawers before I purchase another one from you, Barnes & Noble.

However, book whore that I am, I will continue to buy other stuff there, and I hate myself for letting you have my pit cherry!

So go ahead. I’m a newbie-lurker. Chew me up and spit me out. I still feel better for getting it off my brain.

A. Get a Palm Pilot.

B. Can’t you usually order refills for those things from the company that manufactures them?

I tried that. The manufaturer is Barnes & Noble.

I like the zipper WAY too much to get a palm pilot, could you tell?

Day Runner online.

I used a Day Runner organizer nearly 10 years ago, and consistently see their products in office supply stores these days, so barring any unforeseen bankruptcy you’re probably safe with them.

sulamith, your whole case was well-stated, and legitimate. There are too many businesses who won’t accept responsibility for what they sell. When one pays money for a product, one doesn’t expect it to become an insurance risk after 12 months.

You’re right. They’re wrong.

After I submitted, I saw that you had posted that it is a private-label product with B&N. Try sending an email to the corporate wonks to find out which company makes it for them. I’m sure they’re using someone’s die and not a custom punched planner.

I thought this was gonna be one of those typical B&N rants about not being to take their books into the shitter.

Well thankee kindly, partly-warmer, and Homebrew, now I’m thinking I should be going off on Office Depot, becaus ethe NEW organizer I bought is by Day Runner, and the guy in THAT store looked it up and said the they don’t make a ring style like the B&N one, AND now, on that website I DO see a ring style like it!


This, after I have forked over another almost forty buck for this new one!
Well, I have been royally bent over the counter today in Day Runner land!
…but then again, my new one is a “Far Side” one… I already feel myself growing more and more attached. tee hee!

You should make a note of this in your day timer…

I don’t know, but I think you’re off to a good start ranting.

These in particular made me chuckle.

I don’t blame you for ranting…

… But a word of advice…go with Franklin Planner or Filofax. They have stores all over the place and sell the refills online.

I used to have a Day Runner (from a poplular office supply store) and could not find the damn refills, so I switched.

I don’t like Palm Pilots either. Must be a guy/girl thing. My husband has one and I can’t stand it.

Then again, I’m very stubborn when it comes to using “new” technology.:rolleyes:

Just wondering, were you able to find a new one with a zipper?

Yes, Honey, it HAS a zipper! It almost makes up the whole thing, you know…the joy I will get out of zipping and unzipping it!

And scout1222, a Southern girl can always reach back to her childhood and pull out a sack full of those kind of things. they come in pretty handy when you are mad.

I think it’s funny that in the time it took me to read this rant (much less for you to write it), you could’ve put holes in above-mentioned “other kind” of refills and been happy.


I know, I thought the same thing as I was typing it, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun, and certainly wouldn’t have released my pent-up tension.

Hell, I probably would have gotten so pissed at the thought of looking at those sloppy-ass holes all year I might have damaged some important body part with the hole punchers.
Believe me, the rant was a much better option.

Nice rant! Dickbelts, pussywallets, that’s good shit.

I myself need an organizer, mostly because I’m hoping to go on interviews soon since I got laid off. This is ironic, because I really want an electronic one, but not having a job I can’t afford one. Well, I guess I can, but a few hundred bucks hurts right now. I suppose it’s more like an investment, though. Hey, I’m talking myself into it! Cool.

Ahhh, not really. I have an old Psion 5, which works, but it’s huge and the display is horrible. But I guess I’ll stick with it for a while.

Aw shucks, Revtim, and actually I’ll fess up that dickbelt and pussy wallet is a derivitive ripoff that came to me from laughing myself silly over the the old SDMB staple “Ass hat”. I am likely to pee myself with excitement if either turns up in another thread and is deemed worthy of adoption by any of the champion pit ranters.

If you do buy a new organizer, uh, don’t get one from Barnes & Noble.

Dickbelts? Pussy wallets? Please tell me that you’re not in the leather business?!? :eek:

Damn sorta-simulpost!