I saw a baby pigeon today!

As I recall, there’s some sort of imponderable floating around about the absence of baby pigeons (might even have been a Cecil column).

Well, this evening I was walking through the parking structure at work, heading home, and heard a peeping sound above me. There was a pigeon nest built in the pipes hanging from the ceiling, and a mother pigeon was feeding a baby. Cute litte grey fluffy thing.

So they do exist.

(National Lampoon once had an article called “Disquieting Thoughts”, and their answer to why you don’t see any baby pigeons: the ones you see *are * the babies. Full grown pigeons are roc-sized carnivores.)

Hah! And I’ll bet you were visiting North Dakota or some other imaginary land when you saw it, too!

Baby pigeons! Next someone will post that they drank real beer brewed by Coors or knew a young Southern male who hated NASCAR.