Baby Pigeons

No squab bull, Cec., once saw a baby pigeon riding on the back of an adult. Adult pigeon, that is. It happened under a freeway overpass, a popular hangout. I could see just the head of the youngster, sticking up between the wings of the adult, gliding to a new perch. Maybe some of your other birdbrained readers will confess to witnessing similar events. Love the column.

Eh, your link gives me this:

Where are all the baby pigeons?

What is this, dig-through-the-archives week? First someone dredges up one hand clapping and now this.

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I’m not sure what the link was supposed to be aiming at, but I’ve deleted it since it was a li’l faulty. Let me know (by email, if you want, or by reposting) where you were trying to point to, and I’ll fix 'er for ya.

Again, welcome!

Hello CKDH. Someone has identified the link as

I started by clicking on “Reply to this comment”. What should I have done?

That part was OK. And you also tried to include the link, which is also good. Unfortunately, the link you posted didn’t work right. Judging from the error message Duck Duck Goose posted, you apparently accidentally pasted in a link from your e-mail program, rather than the link to the Straight Dope column. So when DDG tried to follow your link, she was inadvertently trying to access your e-mail, which of course the system wouldn’t let her do.

All this xoxo aside, I want some of what the OP’s been smoking.

Chalk up my slow resonse to surprise at your indignation over dreding, which tells me you either live close to a harbour, or else you don’t. Imagine the plight of the poor urban pig farmer: What would he consider worse, a plethora of pigeons pooping, or the sound of one ham crapping?

It was a long time ago, Mangeorge, so it could have been anything short of a total takeover hallucinagenic, cuz the vision was real. Reminds me of when I was about 4, riding on my father’s back while he was swimming.