I saw a billboard on the holidays that made me go: ?

It was plastered on the side of a building on a main road:

It had a picture of a can of Jim Beam and Cola, and next to that, in big, bold letters, it said “Bloke Magnet”.

And that’s it.

The only conclusion I could draw from it was that if you were a woman at a party or nightclub, and you wanted to “attract blokes”, you should… drink Beam and Cola?

They’re selling Jim Bean in cans now? My God, first Heineken, now this! :wink:

Jim Beam and cola? Ewww…try Jim Beam and Mtn Dew!

156 views and NOBODY knows?

I don’t feel so stupid now.

Really? :::shudder:::

Yep, really! It’s called an L.L. Beam. Take a rocks glass, add two to three cubes of ice, pour in two fingers of Beam, fill with Mt. Dew.

I’ve never tried Jim Beam (or if I have it’s so long ago I forgot what it tastes like), but I know Jack Daniels goes well with ginger ale.

That sounds horrbly disgustingly… like something I had tried to make in high school after running out of Coke to mix with.
No wait, I’m thinking of the Everclear and milk night… nevermind.

I’m telling you–it’s really good!

Everclear and milk? Urp.

Seems pretty obvious to me what the ad’s saying. A really hot guy would be called a “babe magnet.” So you’d expect a “bloke magnet” to be a really hot woman, right? But no. Hilariously (…or not), the Jim Beam advertising people have turned your expextations on their pointy expectation heads, and are implying that ALCOHOL is a “bloke magnet”! Har. Slap my thigh.

Thank you, Erroneous.

I always viewed Beam and Cola as a “girl’s” drink though.

Well, maybe there are lots of girly-men where you live. Or the advertising people thought the girly-man demographic wasn’t being pandered to enough. Or it’s for butch lesbians. I don’t know. It doesn’t sound like a lot of thought went into the ad to begin with.

This thread reminds of a JPG someone sent me.

It featured a very large bottle of Southern Comfort, alongside a glass topped up with orange juice and a slice of orange for garnish.

The caption read: Liquid Panty Remover.

Putting “bloke magnet” into Google brings up the info that the phrase seems to be used to mean “very pretty girl who attracts men” (passive), rather than “girl who chases men” (aggressive). I suppose it could be used to mean “object that attracts men”. It is also occasionally applied to automobiles.

Who to blame for the billboard…


See, they use words like “bloke” to appeal to all those pan-Europeans, to make them feel at home. :rolleyes:

Or maybe we can blame it on the new parent company.

Bloke is a british word so it might not be understandable to those in the US.

bloke "blok\ noun [origin unknown] (1851)
chiefly Brit : man, fellow

©1996 Zane Publishing, Inc. and Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. All rights reserved.

Okay - here’s my first thought on this after reading these posts.

If there was a billboard with a picture of Jack Daniels which read, “Babe Magnet” - I think we’d understand that drinking Jack Daniels made you a babe magnet - NOT that the alcohol itself was a babe magnet.

I would imagine that because someone has already said that the understanding or implication of Beam and Coke was that it was more of a drink in line with female tastes, that drinking it would attract men, that drinking it would make the female a bloke magnet.

This make sense?


Which brings to my mind, the old joke…

what’s the <insert hair color to insult>'s mating call:

“I’m sooo drunk”

Which is because what I thought the billboard described really implied is that women who aren’t sober are prefered targets for blokes.


i’m agreeing with sharkey, erm, Tiburon. I think it’s a billboard aimed at women. Like “drink this and be a Bloke Magnet”

Steve Martin’s the Jerk comes to mind… “Be somebody!”

punk snot dead,