I saw Aimee Mann tonight...

She was great, the sound was off (keys incredibly loud with no bass and tons of hissing treble, vocals with far too much bass and no compression), and the crowd SUCKED. It was made up of really grumpy old people. Bleh.

Still, she put on a great show. Her stage banter is funny and great, and her songs are awesome. And yes, she really does sound like that, it’s not some studio trick. Overall, quite glad I went.

Lucki Chaarms, M.D.*

[sup]*Magically Delicious[/sup]

I am insane with jealousy.

She’s coming as close to me as Asheville, but it’s on a night that I can’t go. That’s a shame–her new album is fantastic.

Are her and Micheal Penn still an “item?”

DoctorJ- Couldn’t agree more. That album is TOTALLY underrated. I can’t believe that the critics who drooled all over themselves for Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot didn’t completely adore Lost in Space.

She played maybe 5 songs off of that album though, focusing more on older stuff… it seemed like the crowd was less familiar with Lost in Space than Magnolia and Bachelor No. 1. A shame, I think, as much as I love the older albums. I was hoping to hear more from the new album. Eh, whatta ya gonna do?


Married, I think.

All her work is good but I like Whatever and I’m With Stupid the best.