I saw it on Facebook...

So this is what it said: “Why do we send Men to War in mid -east and then bring the enemy here feed and house them give them a gun to kill us with”.
That’s a direct copy and paste. I asked for clarification to no avail. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Considering their diction and grammatical skills, I’m pretty certain they’d have trouble understanding what ‘clarification’ means.

I know several hate-filled shitheads that have said the same thing.

Or just that the influence of a Russian grammar background would indicate that clarification isn’t their purpose.

That was tough to read, until I switched over to my Boris Badenov internal voice. Then was clear as crystals.

I actually do have a couple Facebook people that think & talk that way–in spirit as well as sloppy syntax. Both have been “my boss’ boss” in our professional lives. Big Trump people. The biggest. One is an Hispanic fellow whose parents came here from Chihuahua, Mx. The other is a full-blooded Hawaiian. I only mention that because they are considerably outside the broadly assumed pro-Trump demographic. Frankly I find them fascinating. They both had very complex “big picture” jobs which required loads of thinking, data analysis, and no small amount of humanity, and they were very good at what they did. I maintain my relationship with them because I want to discover what it is about their character that I am missing. They just don’t add up in my mind, which means the problem is with my perception.

Sure is irritating to read their posts sometimes, though.

[=68.ARDIvPsEWqU_ynNi8ACwGZa46p2y7wa4MFgcvKDIWur9kS0fxeN_d5s0a51SY4z-uqVhxkkPcXHWqFv8iPOXfqH78y0cmUuHNfjF7fKfnsfFkYViFq-i_H-Q1f1M36zWQ6N8Azk&tn=H-R"]Here’s what I think might be the original post on FB](https://www.facebook.com/mary.harris.1029/posts/1449247678491300?xts[0). I expected to find it on the page of a profilethat clearly looked fake to be honest I’ve never looked at the profiles of either nutjobs or bots so I have no idea if this person is real or fake. I’ve read a few stories in *Wired *and Rolling Stone about some of the people who get wrapped up in stuff like PizzaGate and while the “fake news” often starts with a Ukranian teenager or something, the people who do the sharing are actual Americans that believe it and share it.

So I don’t know if this Mary Harris is just a “deep thinker” who is a big Trump supporter, or a fake account made to look real. She’s got over 6,000 followers which…yeesh. How do you get to that point?

How did Son of a Rich see her post? And how did whoever shared it that Son of a Rich saw get it? That’s the kind of “social engineering” that fascinates, confounds and scares me.

It was reposted by a Facebook “friend”. She’s posted some wacky shit before.

Not exactly that quote, but there are similar idiots who post that kind of stuff on Facebook. They are often the people who never left my hometown, still live with their parents and/or work at local restaurants. I deactivated my Facebook because, frankly, I don’t care what those people post anymore.