I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I can’t be the only kid that was freaked out by this song, can I? Even though I “get it” now that I’m older, I still can’t listen to it. Is this just me being a ditz?

I can’t listen to it, not because of the lyrics, but because it makes my ears bleed.

It’s an awful song. It’s creepy and terrible. The only christmas song that makes me want to blow my brains out more is simply having a wonderful christmas time. simply having a wonderful christmas time. siiimply haaaving a wonderful christmas time!

This should put you in a better mood.

That song is among the worst things ever to happen to music, Christmas or shoes. I can’t even begin to muster as much loathing as it truely deserves.

I know. That’s why I linked to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah humbug to you too.:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it was just you. There were plenty of things I didn’t understand as a kid, but just chalked it up to not being old enough. With this song l I felt like “Hey, if it’s about Santa then its for me.” And it wasn’t.

Still isn’t.

Even now that I “get it” the tickling part bugs me.

That’s just mean.

This one is better.

Relevant comic strip

BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAA!!! Best laugh I’ve had all week.

This is the definitive Christmas song.

You’re definitely not the only one who didn’t like it. It’s always struck me as strange and creepy too–the kid sounds so delighted that mommy is kissing “Santa”–not being faithful to daddy, from his perspective–and it always weirded me out.


I just got this song out of my head after hearing it yesterday. :mad::smiley:

I always thought an appropriate second verse to that song would have been “Then I saw daddy murder Santa Claus…”

I find the Jackson 5 version disturbing now, considering Joe’s legendary temper and Michael’s delight in going to Dad to tell on Mom…

It was many years before I figured out that Mommy wasn’t a tramp. I mean; it was Santa. Who wouldn’t have him on your ‘list’?

For me, I can’t stand Gramma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. It’s bad country, a stupid idea, and death/mutilation. Gosh, that just says Christmas all over.

And of course there’s the “I saw Daddy . . .” version.

I saw mommy f*ing Santa Claus
She said it was because of menopause

I grew up in one of those “complicated” families with a number of tenuously related siblings, and this song always upset me as it was so. . . plausible. The fact that Santa is the kid’s dad always occurred to me as a secondary possibility.
Did anyone’s dad ever really dress up as Santa to do the Xmas night thing, really? Is that one of those upper-Bourgeois things?

According to the Wikipedia page, this song was originally banned by the Roman Catholic Chur ch in Boston:

Johnny L.A. wrote:

From the Wikipedia artiocle:

I didn’t know Spike Jones did that sort of thing. Now I want to get morre of his stuff.