I saw my ex-husband today- more accurately, he saw me. Heh.

I saw my ex-husband today for the first time since shortly after our divorce was final 6 years ago. We live in the same relatively small town, but never see each other.

 The last time I saw him, I weighed 180 and wore a size 14 (I'm 5'7").  Now I weigh 130 and wear a size 8.  

 Running shoes: $120.

 Various running attire: $300.

  Running into your ex and looking better than the slut he dumped you for: F***ING PRICELESS.

You go, girlfreyend!

“And justice for all”
[The karma fairy has been working overtime visiting my ex…]


Cool, but… you spend $420.00 to go running?

La ti dah, katie, good for you!

(PS…how does he look?)

Ivylass, he don’t look too good. But, I’m a little biased. He appears to have put on 30 lbs or so, and his red hair is going grey. And he’s got more wrinkles than I do, even though he’s younger.

 And **Finagle,** yeah-- but boy, is it worth it!!

My ex remained unmarried for 16 years after our divorce. I thought I’d ruined him on marriage for life! Last year he married a much older version of someone who looks like me :eek: I’ve only seen him 2-3 times since his re-marriage, and I swear he now looks as old as she does!

Life can be sweet …

That’s great Katie! Revenge is sweet, huh?

I’d like to know why this guy is such a bastard. If he just dumped you becuase his penis told him to, then good for ya. But if he dumped you for mutual problems on both sides of the fence… for shame… for shame…

On a vaguely related note, a few years ago (when I was thinner than I am now) I saw an old school friend who loved to rub it in about how fat I was compared to her. When I last saw her, she had the hugest ASS. At the time, I was not too fat and had a relatively balanced figure (didn’t have a huge ass). I recognized the irony immediately.

I feel kinda bad because she was a kid when she rubbed her thinness to me, and maybe now that she’s an adult she’s learned to behave better. But it just goes to show you, never rub in your apparent “superiority” to someone who seems “worse off” than you. Later on, you may end up with a HUGE ASS and they’ll have lost their weight and won’t have a HUGE ASS.

I see my almost ex on a daily basis.

Often nude.

Or at least topless and in panties.
She has lost weight since the divorce, and my hindbrain says “Mmmm… not bad.”

My forebrain, and the rest of my body, still don’t like her much sometimes, so it balances out.

How do you manage to see her in her undies all the time, Tris?

Well, you got to pro-rate that out over six months or so, running a couple times a week, it’s actually about $10 a run. After that, it’s free until you have to replace something.

We’re not shy around each other, and when I show up to pick up the kids in the morning she’s often just woken up. Hence, she’s in her skivies or less.

No big deal.


For $420.00, I could pay someone to go running for me.

SHAKES, she never said he was a bastard.

She said:

Which, at least to me, implies that he cheated on her and/or left her for the another woman.

Good for you, katie. Living well is the best revenge. I think it’s great that you are looking & feeling better.

And of course, I think it’s great that he knows you’re looking better & feeling better. :smiley:

Slainte- yup, he left me for another. He’s still with her, and I’ve remarried, so it worked out- but it was still very, very hurtful at the time, and the fact taht I’m embarrasingly gleeful over this latest chance meeting probably indicates that I have issues. Oh, well, at least I’m having them in size 8 jeans.