Ladies, if you're doing this, please stop.

So I’m standing in line at the grocery yesterday when I hear one girl say to the other:

“…Oh! Guess what? I saw me ex’s new GF today. She’s a total dog face and she’s about 50 pounds heavier than me.”

Then they both start to giggle as they give each other fist bumps.

I swear, every time I hear this; it makes me want to kick a puppy.

Just so some of you ladies know: WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF OUR NEW GIRL IS FATTER THAN YOU ARE! It’s a good bet we were looking to get away from your bitchy, superficial, ass!

SHAKES, those were* not* ladies you saw.

And I’ve never been much to verbally tear down other people, not because I’m such a saint, but because I myself was teased so much that it is too painful for me to make fun of others.

Shouldn’t I be even more embarassed if my bf’s new woman is much less attractive than I am? like whoa, he left me for that?! Doesn’t seem like something to crow over.

Psst: It’s not just “ladies” who do this. I’ve heard this sort of crap from people of every gender or orientation.

And with gay people . . . you’re not just dealing with possible residual feelings toward your ex, but possible feelings toward his new partner as well. It gets complicated, and bitchiness ensues.

Lucky guy–he no longer has to put up with a tacky bitch, however skinny she may be.

The classy move would be at least to pretend not to care about the ex’s new entanglement, but it’s pretty obvious those “ladies” aren’t capable of making classy moves.

It is entirely possible that she had dumped him for some assholish behavior and they’re just gloating that his current gf is “the best he can do”

Still, tacky.

Presumably the idea is “he didn’t know what a good thing he had with me, and now he’s left with slim pickin’s and it shows, haha.” Or “he has no taste. I was the best thing he ever had, this just goes to prove he’ll never have anyone as good as me.”

And what these strangers had to say to each other concerns you why?

People are still doing the fist bump?

Oh noes, they’re terrorists too!

Because loud and stupid is a concern for the gene pool at large.

Because we are superficial and looks are generally the biggest component in a relationship.

My ex’s new boyfriend had a mouth that looked disturbingly like a Carp’s mouth, I was pleased until I thought about it. She dumped me for that??

Asking people to stop bashing others to make themselves feel better? Not going to happen, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or relationship status.

I won’t get into weight loss and thinness here, but it seems that, for some (many?) women, that’s all they can cling to. Fat jokes and out-dieting their peers. It makes sense, in a way, with so many eating disorders tied to a lack of control (not over food, but over someone’s own life e.g. a victim of molestation). If you can’t outdo someone in terms of getting a certain guy or doing well in school, at least you’re thinner than her! The problem is getting everyone else to agree that that’s some sort of accomplishment.

I’m better than people who put down others to make themselves look better!


To be honest, I’d be a litle bit insulted if I saw an ex out with someone I considered unattractive. It’s kind of like “We broke up so he could be with her?!”, as well as “Wow, he must have bad taste in women. But he dated me, so…”

If he was going out with someone who was pretty and a good person, I could understand what he’d see in her and be happy for the both of them (probably).

I believe you mean “terrorist fist jab.”

What have we moved on to? (Oh, dear, I’m out of touch…again…already.)

two semi related thoughts

For every really pretty woman you see out there, there is a man who is tired of putting up with her shit.

Which brings up the second point/song

If you wanna be happy for the rest of you life…make an ugly woman your wife…blah blah blah

Sir, I salute you for picking your audience well. You are really singing to the choir at this place.