I saw the girl of my dreams

…in my dreams.

Let me explain. Yesterday, I had this dream, that I was with a wonderful woman. She seemed to like all the things that I do, and had the most beautiful of smiles I have seen, and the most infectious laughter I have ever heard (both a big plus with me).
She was dressed very casually, not in any way to impress me or anyone. A grey dress, her hair tied loosely behind her head. She was neither petite, nor overweight. In fact, she was normal by my standards, and a bit voluptuous.
And she held my hands. I swear, even in my dreams, I could feel her touch. Soft, firm and confident grip. She talked to me like a friend, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. I like to roam around the city, and so did she. In fact, she didn’t need an invitation or anything. I said,‘Lets go’ and she said,‘ok’. As simple as that. A very friendly approach.
And the face. I almost forgot to mention the face. Not supermodel looks, could be the face in the crowd. Round face, brown skin, a sparkle in her eyes, a cute nose, full lips… :slight_smile: and the smile…oh, the smile…
But alas, when she agreed to go with me, my dream ended. But even still, what a dream…
Why am I telling all this? Well, in all of my 29 years on this planet, I have never had a dream like this. Sure I have had dreams of females, but they have largely been known ot me, and they have never been nice to me, in my own dreams. And now, a woman I have never seen, or I don’t know if she exists, comes in my dream, and makes me feel like a king, without actually donig anything overt. I am just myself, and she is enjoying my company. It makes me wonder is she The Woman Of My Dreams™?

Mundane, thought I’d share.

At all costs, try to remember this woman’s face. Think about her, do whatever you can to have her visit your dreams again. When you meet her in real life, you may only get one chance to tell her what she means to you. You should also practice saying “hello” to women who catch your eye on the street, so that you won’t be crippled by a sudden case of nerves if you happen to pass her. Develop your sense of spontaneity and be ready.

I am doing it every hour. After each hour, I remember the dream again and again and again. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen “her” on the internet. “She” has a penis! :smiley:

(just kidding! it was a video!)

I had a dream about a girl with no breasts. She pulled up her shirt to show me, and sure enough she had a perfectly flat chest. She told me she lost them in an industrial accident.

Wierd dream. Very weird.

That is very funny gatapescado…still trying to stifle my laughter. You are a cruel person. :smiley:

Arrrrrrrgh!! Dream fast turning into a nightmare, Must. Stop. It.

Are you happy, gatopescado? :mad:

What industry did she work in? :eek:

I’m guessing the dairy industry.

Be careful what you wish for.
She could be a horrible stalker with clairvoyant powers to step into your dreams.
Asking for gift cards and Chocolate diamonds. Sending you nudes you can’t take your eyes off of.
In the process ruining your life as you know it.

I could be wrong. Carry on.

Oh my a very old thread. I assume @noname has moved on. Maybe he got a name.

Or has been happily married to the girl of his dreams ever since his last post in 2005. :wink:

I used to wonder a lot about what my dreams meant.

Then I read a great explanation of what happens when we dream.
“It’s your brain trying out stuff, combining anything it can find, having fun and messing with you.”

And that was forty years ago. Nothing I’ve dreamt of since has been outside the realm of “Messing With Me”. And, yes, I’ve had a couple of dream girl dreams (one hugged me and we melted together…). The problem with taking that dream seriously, or as a prophecy, is that it’d spoil me for an ordinary relationship with an ordinary woman.

So I wake up and sing:

"Now to see things clear it’s hard enough I know,
While you’re waiting for reality to show…
Without dreaming of the perfect love

and holding it so far above
that if you stumbled onto someone real,
you’d never know…"

(Jackson Browne – The Late Show Lyrics | Genius Lyrics)

eta: I, too, just now noticed the dates. Hey, OP, got a follow up?

Maybe someone could occupy my dreams. I’m open to suggestions.

Them old dreams are only in your head - Bob Dylan

I had a similar dream when I was a young adult. In the dream we were standing at the altar, and I remember being completely in love. But there was no definitive face to remember, just an overall impression of hair and personality. That stayed with me, and a few years later I met and married a woman who caused the same feeling in me as I had in the dream., and she had the same personality as the dream woman, but much more fully defined over the years we dated.

So mine was more aspirational rather than a particular person. What I wanted in a mate was defined in that dream - I’m still married to her after nearly 57 years.

“dream a little dream of me”…:notes::notes::notes::notes::musical_note::musical_note::notes:

“You walked out of my dreams
And into my arms
Now you’re my angel divine” :woman_singer:

“Get outta my dreams…get into my car…”

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