I was making out with WHO?

So I woke up this morning feeling a little unsettled, a little tense. As I made my lunch, I grabbed a peach out of the fridge and got one of those mental flashcard memories… a peach left behind in last night’s dream, because I was busy…snuggling and kissing…with, no! It couldn’t be!
But it was. As I hung my head in shame, the memory solidified and I recalled my dream in all it’s disturbing glory. Last night I, a red-blooded American girl, made out with Saddam Hussein. :o
How flipping insane is that!? I’m a traitor! I’m a freak!

I’m also a little icked because, well–ewwwww—he’s at least thirty years older than me and really not my type. (I need an “about to puke” smiley)

So I’m distressed, understandably. I can’t be alone though, right? Surely there must be other people who’ve had dreamtime dalliances with less-than-ideal partners? Right…?

Like my mother? shudder

I dreamed once that a good friend of mine and my SO were in cahoots, trying to get me in bed with the two of them.

They were fully clothed but their intentions were obvious and I woke up extremely disturbed…it was so real it made seeing my friend at work that day a little odd.

And I dreamed last night that all my teeth were made of chalk…and dissolved in my mouth. (Just thought I’d throw that in there to show you how utterly foolish and pointless dreams are. Saddam Luver. ;))

Can’t believe I’m going to toss this out there, but what the heck. Some years back, before I was married, I had an extremely erotic dream involving me and, literally, the girl next door! :eek: Apparently I harbor a lesbian fantasy about the girl who lived next door to us when I was a kid. GAH! This is especially weird when you consider that I haven’t seen her since 1973, and I never really liked her all that much - she was a bit of a brat.

Granted, not as bizarre as tonsil hockey with Saddam…

I once dreamt I was making babies WITH PRINCE CHARLES.

I was about 18 at the time. It totally disturbed me.

I dreamt about my brother too. It made me feel a wee bit better about the Prince Charles thing.

Feeling slightly better…

The family-member ones are definitely shudder worthy. And FCM, if it comforts you at all, I frequently have dreams about one kid I went to elementary school with. He was a total putz and I haven’t seen him in at least twelve years, so where that comes from I have NO idea. Not quite as exciting as your tawdry lesbian schoolgirl affair, but then again–what is? :smiley:

I’ve noticed a strange thing that started happening in my dreams when I started seeing my current boyfriend. Before, my dreams would semi-regularly be visited by men. Good-looking, very nice, very hot, very desireable, very willing men. They were nice dreams.

Now, my dreams are semi-regularly visited by good-looking, hot, desireable, willing men… and more often than not, I tell them “Sorry, I’m seeing someone already”. Damn me and my over-active conscience. :slight_smile:

Wow. Nearly all of my dreams are about being hunted/stabbed/decomposing or witnessing the end of the world.

Making out with an evil dictator doesn’t sound so bad.

Dude, me and Darryl Hall (a la Hall & Oates) had it goin’ ON the other night . . . :eek:

Two nights ago, I dreamed that my teeth were falling out, bit by bit. Last night, I dreamed I was a, erm, prostitute having sex. :eek: I don’t remember with who…but, looking at this thread, maybe that’s a blessing.

My cat. I was eight. Shut up.

Xavier’s cat. I was 38. No, seriously, shut up.

Xavier– hahahahahaahahahahahaha. ::leans on knees to keep from falling over:: Your cat? ::wheezes:: Whew, boy. That was a nice one.:stuck_out_tongue:

I would have never dreamt of such things when I was eight. Whew. You weirdo, you! :dubious:

Why do I feel like I’m the only normal person here. When I have dreams like that I always dream I’m trapped on a tropical island with the Sweedish Womens Syncronized Bartending Bikini Team.

Ok, well I’m not sure if that was what they called themselves, they were bartenders and they were in bikinis.

Good God, until you mentioned it, I’d managed to forget that I’d had this dream. Ack.

When I was in junior high, I had a dream that I was She-Ra and I was “doing it” with He-Man on the cold stone floor at the Crystal Castle. Isn’t he supposed to be She-Ra’s brother?!?

I dreamt that I was getting it on with one of the other mothers in my childbirth class.

She’s nice and all, but not my type. Plus she’s female. And we were both bloated pregnant.

I made the mistake of telling my husband. I am still friends with this woman and every once in awhile he’ll make a crack. Jackass.

I’d chalk it up to pregnancy hormones, bella. Your mind on pregnancy hormones is like a mind on crack.

You made out with the entire World Health Organization? Wow!

Oh man, when I was preggers I laid down with half of Hollywood nightly! That is when I wasn’t dreaming that I was giving birth to a talking kitten who made me feel very guilty because I didn’t love it like I would’ve loved a human baby

A chimp.

Does the fact that in the dream, I was also a chimp, make it less perverted?

Saddam Hussein?!? You, my lady, have a twisted mind! :smiley:
I can understand how this was disturbing, but what exactly were the two of you doing with that peach?

Me, I was making out with Antonio Banderas last night on a sunny beach in Iceland. There were palm trees, too.
Of course, this was after we had gone to investigate the waterfall at the end of the world in a small wooden boat. (I was really curious about it, because everyone knows the world isn´t flat and surrounded by a waterfall, it´s a sphere, but there´s this small waterfall somewhere behind Iceland, you know, the one the vikings were afraid of - and I wanted to see in which direction the water falls “down” from a sphere…)

I also once saved Yitzak Rabins life when he had a heart attack when he was staying in my room on the spare guest mattress. But that was an actual kiss of life, not an excuse for smooching…
So no, I don´t consider your dream weird.