I see no one worth voting for...

What is a fiscally conservative, socially liberal, hetero, gun owning, Athiest with anarchi-liberterian tendencies to do?..

I’m for small government, the smaller the better, microscopically small if possible

I hate governmental intrusion into private lives, leave The People alone

I don’t care what consenting adults do as long as no one is hurt

Religion has no place in politics, and ideally I’d love it if it simply vanished, of course, if it did, humanity would find another way to be crappy to each other, still, it has a lot of hardships to answer for and we’d be better off if it didn’t exist at all

I own guns, yes, plural, some of them the scary-looking “assault” weapons that politicians, anti gunners and the like fear and want to ban, none of these guns will ever be used in anger, against another human, and I hope I never need to use them defensively. That said, they are NO threat to you, and you would never even know I possess them (unless you saw/heard me plinking in my backyard range, or putting down a predator/varmint threatening my livestock or garden), don’t like my guns? Tough crap, sucks to be you then, I’m not giving them up, and unless you make the voluntary bad decision to enter my house uninvited, you’ll never have to interact with them

I also believe that there are some people who are not responsible enough for firearm ownership, I have no problem with keeping them from owning guns, training is a good thing, but shouldn’t be a requirement of ownership, waiting periods, bans, mag restrictions all are ineffective and infringements on law abiding gun owners

Use a gun in the commission of a crime? Automatic max sentence, no parole, if the criminal kills the victim(s) automatic death sentence for the criminal, don’t want to suffer this fate? Then DONT COMMIT THE CRIME!, simple really.

Illegal immigration (no, not “undocumented immigrants”) is a big problem, I have no problem with LEGAL immigration, the more the merrier, it makes us stronger as a nation, but only if it’s done legally, as for those already here illegally, ship 'em back home, not my fault they broke immigration law to get here illegally.

Taxes suck, period, yes they are a necessary evil, but need to be implemented fairly
Health care is important, but the government has no right to force people to buy something they may not want or can’t afford, and penalizing for noncompliance makes even less sense, if someone can’t afford “obamacare”, charging them even more money (something they don’t have enough of in the first place) makes absolutely no sense

So, with that mindset;
Sanders- under his tax plan, I would end up paying almost $3,000 more a year, screw that, he’s out, pity, otherwise he seems to be the lesser of the Democratic evils

Hillary-,no FRAKKING way in hell I’d ever vote for this evil,myself centered nannying gun grabbing female canine, her record on the second amendment, gun owners, the NRA (no, I’m not an NRA member, maybe I should join though if it pisses hillary off that much…) insures that, she’s the only candidate I truly HATE. If I had to choose between her and Cthulu? Cthulu would get my vote.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - too bloody religious for me, all their god bothering drivel annoys me, and makes me think their critical thinking skills are terminally damaged, not someone we want in charge of the nuclear football…

Donald Trump - are you kidding me? I have no idea how this deluded P.T. Barnum ringmaster has gotten this far (I guess there truly IS a sucker born every minute), not only is he spouting hateful bile everywhere, claiming his “best plans ever” will work (notice he has never given any real details) plans to force a sovereign nation we share a border with to build a wall and pay for it, I can’t get past the feeling that he’s actually not even serious about running for president, that this is all some kind of elaborate prank, he’s trying to “mega-epic-Übertroll” the voting public just so he can lean back in his ivory tower, point down and laugh at us…
“I never even intended to run for president, I just wanted to see how far I could string you along, you are all so stupid, as if I would want to rule you, you bunch of morons, now, go back to your sad, tiny, pathetic lives, I’ve got a bunch of money to count and then roll around in completely naked, because you see, the best thing about me is I’m very, very rich…”

So,you’ll see why, for me, there’s no one worth voting for, guess I’ll write in Cooper, my dog, I can trust him (and bribe him for presidential favors with doggie treats…)

Cooper for president in 2017

If you go with him you still have to worry about cleaning up a mess in Washington …

Naaah, that’s what Congress and the House are for, Cooper will be trained to poop on the congresscritters and reps, and they’ll have to clean it up

I will assign poop-cleaning (and consuming) duties to the likes of Feinstein, Bloomberg, boxer, McCarthy, pelosi, Hillary Clinton and other nannystaters

Yup, sounds like your political end’s usual M.O. Expecting someone else to clean up your shit!

“My political end’s?”

You mean there’s more than one of us Anarch-Libertarian Athiests out there? :wink:

Joy! I’m not alone :wink:

Seriously if all seem just as poor of choices, none the least evil, then why not support the Libertarians? Least poor fit.

I was with you until you decided to go after Hillary. I think you may have some irrational hate there. Otherwise though I agree with you and I will be happy to vote for Cooper. Can we have my big yellow pushover kitty Streak for VP? He’ll go along with anything Cooper wants as long as he gets to nap on someone’s lap. And have treats.

Cooper’s running mate is Blue, our domesticated shorthair, his negotiating style is to lay down on your arm while you’re resting on a bed, pinning you in place and purring at you until you submit to his kitty wishes

Streak can be in charge of Human/Feline relations, Cooper has a tendency to try and herd things, cats, my chickens, the white tailed deer in the field…

And my hate for the evil thing called Hillary is completely rational, I don’t know of any firearm owner that could consider voting for her, sad, really, because I don’t exactly hate many of her political positions, but her stance on firearms is a losing stance

I’m sure if I grew up in a more urban/metropolitan area I’d see things differently, but this rural country guy just can’t stomach her drivel.

I think you’d be happy with a Hillary Clinton administration. It would be pretty much like the last 8 years, which have been fine, IMHO.

Nobody has supported small government in my lifetime, and probably not in yours, so if you’re using that as your litmus test, you’re bound to be disappointed.

On all the rest of your criteria, however, Clinton or Sanders would either one be a pretty good fit.

welcome to politics. For many people, its always the lesser evil.

I’m also not a fan of anyone in particular this year, but I still feel like it’s to my advantage to line them all up in order of dislike and vote for the one who is least bad.

A lot of the people who complain most about government are the ones letting everyone else do the voting.

Maybe the way to approach it is to think of the harm that you fear from each and rank how likely they would be to occur with the person in office?

Sanders? Wouldn’t get his plans through so you’d never see that tax increase.

Clinton? Wouldn’t be able to do much about tighter gun control regs, so little risk of what you see as harms.

Cruz? You are concerned about his holding the nuclear football. Well he would to no small degree. Okay bigger risk to vote against.

Trump? I understand the contempt and I know what I am afraid of … but what would you fear would happen with him in charge and how realistic is that fear compared to the others?

Cooper though could have a good campaign slogan - “Cooper. Yes we canine!” - and the image of our President greeting heads of state sniffing their butts does appeal some. Position on defense? “Bark softly and carry a big bite. Chase the stick.”

MacTech for president ! I been thinking of writing 'none of the above !" in Nov.
I been telling people I am voting for my dog Marty , maybe he could be Copper
running mate. LOL!

Instead of Trump vote for Triumph. The insult dog. :slight_smile:

Blue will be ready to run for President after Cooper’s terms, on Cooper’s record: “Once more! With Feline!”

So you’re tellin’ me, with a straight face, that your most important issue is guns. Your #1, top issue with this country is losing your toys? You can’t think of anything more important than keeping your gadgets? The ones you’re Constitutionally protected from losing?

You’d vote for Clinton, but you’re afraid of her doing something she wouldn’t even be empowered to do?

Jobs, industry, race relations, the environment, foreign affairs, terrorism, trade…all second to your toys?

How can guns still be a relevant issue in American politics? Didn’t Obama confiscate them all back in 2009? I was assured by numerous experts on the subject that he was going to if elected.

While I generally encourage everyone to exercise their suffrage rights, your stances on issues besides guns are terrible enough that I’m inclined to make an exception.

Gary Johnson will be a viable candidate for a protest vote, should do at least as well as Nader if the choice is between Clinton and Trump. And unlike Nader, he’s actually qualified to be President should the unthinkable happen.