I seem to have two post counts..

I just bumped a thread, and the post count in the bump is one higher than the post count in the OP.

So a test ensues…

…Will this reply have a different post count?
Could I have a career as an [annoying] software tester?

Your posts all appear to have the same post count to me.

Have you tried a search of yourself from a few months ago to see what the post count is there?

This might be due to the way Quick Reply works now. If you activate it using the last button in the thread, it doesn’t actually re-load the thread, it just keeps everything it has and appends your post (and any other new ones) to the end. So the new post gets the updated post count, but the old one holds onto the value it had.

Give me a couple of minutes past the post delay, and I’ll test it.

OK, I’m currently seeing my previous post as 19,788. If my hypothesis is correct, this post will show for me as being 19,789, while the previous one will continue to show 19,788.
EDIT: Hypothesis confirmed. My previous post count (and everything else in the thread) stayed the same with the quick reply (and, in fact, with the edit).


ETA: count is 2612

test again

ETA: this one now says 2613 and was done using quick reply.