I set him on fire, but I didn't think it would hurt


Are kids today really this stupid? Have parents completely given up on raising their kids? Even neanderthals were able to learn the simple concept of fire = pain. There’s a reason firefighters rush to burning buildings to get people out of a fire. There’s a reason for having working fire extinguishers. There’s a reason for fire exits.

What the flying fuck was this little dipshit thinking? “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I set fire to this dork in a costume? It would be funny to see him run around all covered in flames 'n shit.” Have we pushed off the responsibility of parenthood so far that cavemen (and cavewomen) were able to teach their kids more?

Freakin’ dumbass parents are diluting the gene pool and it ought’a be stopped. Either smarten up and raise your kids right or get out of way. Evolution will run us over if we can’t figure out that fire hurts.


Its easy to paint the kid with the lighter as a monster.

The scary part though is that he might not be one.
The scary part is that he might just be that stupid.

Naw. I remember a classmate in high school using his lighter to burn individual hairs off the girls head sitting in front of him. Then several caught at once… then the whole bun lit… then he was patting and spitting at her head trying to put the little protein inferno out… then she realized what was happening and blew up… then we didn’t see him for about 5 days.

Oh, did I mention this happened during detention?

The stupidity of youth is an inalienable right. Some of us just embraced it a little tighter than others.

That’s pretty bad – but at least it got me looking at other Yahoo stories, where we find the more upbeat Flasher pummelled by Catholic girls.

At last – some good news! I’m just wondering how the flasher is feeling about it all.


Maybe I’m nuts (highly probable) but I find it almost as disturbing that a 14-year-old kid would go to school dressed in an “Army sniper costume of leaves and a grass-like material.” My parents would never have let me go anywhere in a costume like that unless they wanted me to get my ass kicked.

And what was the firebug doing with a lighter in school, anyway? I thought they were checking for this stuff now. Not that I expect that everything will get caught, but sheesh. My high school principal knew if I was even thinking about doing something stupid at that age, and it’s not like I went to a tiny little school, either. Just sayin’.

I dunno… parents can only do so much. If a kid can’t figure out that lighting people on fire is a bad thing, I don’t think there’s much hope.

Apparently, the victim of this “prank” never heard of “stop-drop-roll” - at least that’s how I read the story.

Not really many places to stop-drop-roll at the top of bleachers, FCM. And they put him out when he got to the floor.

Funny, I read it just the opposite. He was lit at the top of the bleachers, and made his way down to the floor where they put him out. I interpreted this to mean he was looking for a flat space to drop and roll.

Please don’t fire at the sniper.

Betcha the school has a zero tolerance policy and they suspend the victim for smoking.


Ok, I missed that. I thought this was in an auditorium-like setting. Ignore me, please…

I hope the burned boy’s family files the mother of all lawsuits against the family of the moron with the lighter. It’s horrible that the victim is going to have to deal with recovery from third-degree burns simply because some dipshit wasn’t aware that it’s a bad thing to set other people on fire.

If I ever got a phone call saying one of my kids had set someone on fire, I’d tell the police to keep 'em until I could look at them without the urge to bitch-slap them.

Many of my patients seem to subscribe to this young fire-starter’s philosophy: “Build a man a fire, and one may keep him warm for a few hours. But set a man on fire, and one may keep him warm the rest of his life!”

QtM, MD to maximum security inmates

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this phrase also seems popular amongst the burning man crowd.

What else would he light his cigarettes with?

See, I’m wondering if this isn’t a disturbing trend.

  1. Blame the object
  2. Ban ``dangerous’’ objects
  3. People figure, hey, this thing isn’t banned, so it’s not like I need to be careful with it, because it can’t be dangerous…

I kinda got thinking about this when there was a local story here about some kid who stabbed another kid, and the parent’s comment was: ``It was just a fishing knife…’’

Seems about right Viking.