I should call your mothers you slovenly pigs.

This weekend, yet another part of the dormitories I live in was broken. The pay telephone in one of the buildings was ripped out of the wall.

This marks the fourth incident in as many weeks. It started with the fire alarms being pulled. Then with someone urinating in a trash can. Last week, the patio area was absolutely littered with empty cases of beer, cigarette butts, and beer cans.

Now, those of us who mind our own business, don’t make messes and pride ourselves on our cleanliness are being punished for these idiots by being denied our privileges to the day-rooms, and the fitness facility.

To the filthy sub-humans who are making these messes,

I should call your fucking mothers, you ignorant disgusting bastards. I’m quite positive they would whip the ever living shit out of you, because if I was your mom, I would. You’re gross. Whoever heard of urinating in a fucking trash can?! I’ve been drunk off my ass before, and I still managed to maintain the common sense that allows me to distinquish between a garbage can and a toilet. And even with a hangover, I have enough pride in my place of residence to go outside and pick up a few beer bottles and some cigarette butts. Not that I ever have that problem, because I know what a trash can is for you sloppy fuck-nuggets.


Now I have to be punished for you, because you don’t have the balls to come forward and admit that you are the guilty parties. I swear that if I lose one more privilage, especially the one that lets me smoke in my room, I’m gonna find you and come down on you like the four horseman of the apocolypse. I will beat you with a shovel and cut off your hands and legs with a hot iron. Then I will replace those with scrub brushes and force you to crawl around for months in my bathroom. Cleaning everything as you go. Then I will throw your useless forms in a pile of your own garbage and let you rot and fester there until the end of eternity.

Filthy cunt-rags that you are.

No shit. When I lived in the dorm apparently it was the apex of cool to break the elevator. They would purposely break the elevator and then bitch that nothing was ever working.

Ahhhh, to be back at University. Hey, it may suck now but enjoy it while you can.

I’m military. Airman First Class to be exact. So, the punishments we recieve are a bit more severe.

And the standard of excellence that we should hold ourselves to, should be that much higher. Unfortunately, it’s not.