To the Thundering Idiots in my Dorm

Okay, first some background. I love this university, am fine with my current roommate, and like most of the people in this dorm.

I am also the treasurer for this dorm, meaning that I get to manage the money, and dole out reperations for damage if we can’t track down who did something.

Yes I know that I tend to be somewhat unsympathetic. No, that doesn’t mean you guys can keep doing this! First were the idiots shaking, and eventually destroying the vending machines for the idea that somehow, costing us hundreds of dollars is justified by the free food. Can you really not think beyond your little minds that there is plenty of food available for free at this university that can be gotten without going on a rampage of vending machine vandalism?!?!

Second, we have the group of utter lunatics that decided disassembling a door would be an enjoyable activity. Yes, I know you likely have creative energies that need fulfillment. No, this is not a good way to exert them! Not only did you systematically ruin a door for no apparent reason, but you then decided to break all the components to eliminate any hope of repair! Yes, we have no security cameras because we respect the students’ privacy and right not to be watched. Yes, I’m also beginning to wonder if it’s worth the effort.

Now we have people walking off with our garbage cans! For the love of flying kitties, WHY? What possible purpose could taking the garbage can out of our bathroom serve to you? This are not cheap! They had to be freaking custom made for prices that I shudder at, and you walk off with them! FOR WHAT POSSIBLE FREAKING REASON DID YOU DECIDE TO TAKE THEM FOR YOURSELF! You can get a garbage can that will serve you JUST FINE for a pittiance! All I have to say is that at least we caught the people that ran off with our couch.

We started this year with significantly reduced funds. Why? Last year’s hall council was very conservative and doled out funds intelligently and usefully. And then, as an end of the year present, some NEW idiot decided to go on a rampage and spray fire extinguisher everywhere! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A RELATIVELY HIGH LEVEL UNIVERSITY!!! Where on EARTH do we get these people from? The REASON hall council has to keep backing up on all the events we do is idiocy such as these displays of human intelligence. Oh, this isn’t even going INTO the amount of copious vomitting people feel they should do in inappropriate places. Forgive me for not feeling any sympathy whatsoever. Same with the people that feel flooding bathrooms is an enjoyable and fun activity for everyone involved!

And now, of course, we are bombarded with requests to buy a new TV to replace a broken one. I wasn’t exactly enthused about this idea, mainly because most of the damage has been done on the same floor as the TV would go. Of course, I was overruled, but not horribly depressed. Now we’re having people talking about replacing the psychotic microwave.



Yeah, but have you seen the cool things that happen when you microwave weird stuff, like cd’s and steel wool? Totally cool. It’s, like, scientific and stuff.

Hmmm… what’s that saying about socialism? Oh, yes, “The Tragedy of the Commons.”

Stuff that belongs to “everybody” effectively belongs to “nobody” and will be treated as such.

This all sounds like regular dorm activities of regular college guys. (I’m just assuming the perpetrators are guys, but I could be wrong).

It happens in a lot of dorms, or so I’ve heard. Activities in my dorm range from urinating in the elevators to jousting with grocery carts in the hallways to some guy taking a shit on this uptight RA’s door. (It’s disgusting, I know, but that didn’t keep me from laughing my ass off when I heard about it)

Just because it happens everywhere doesn’t make it right, or course. These students need to realize that these things cost money and should be penalized if caught.

But…I think you need to lighten up a little bit. It’s college, after all. How many other chances are going to get to eat, drink, be merry, and have complete and utter disregard for uptight authority figures?

Just my two cents.

Speaking of socialism, I would not be suprised at all if that microwave was built in the Soviet Union. The only way for it to actually MICROWAVE anything is if you stand there and hold the button down the entire time at just the right amount of pressure for it to start working, but not to open the doors. Being a cheap import from the USSR would explain a lot.

And I think that this says something more clearly, mainly that “No matter how useless it will be to them, if they can, people will take things. Especially if they’re nailed down.”

The idea that this justifies anything leaves me speechless.

Because it’s not like this will financially impact anybody. It’s all about sticking it to the “uptight authority figures”.


Dude! :toke: Fight the power! :toke: :rolleyes:

Ah, but would the punch taste as good from just any garbage can?

Where are the flying kitties? I was promised flying kitties!

(5 geek points if you get the reference.)

(Or we could go over to the Playboy Mansion with a small catapult and a lot of foam and watch flying pussy… :D)

Maybe times have changed (hell, they’re always changing), but I don’t remember the usual male horseplay in my college dorms extending as far as wanton theft and major property damage. For instance, I got through four years of college without even hearing of anyone taking a piss in the elevators, or taking a crap in unusual places. (The technicolor yawn was another story, of course, but that often can’t be helped.)

I blame it on the permissive sports culture, but that’s another story. Saying that youthful high spirits and rebellion justifies trashing one’s dorm is just plain, simple bullshit.

For flying kitties:

I don’t get the reference, but I love them quite a bit! Trying to collect as many as possible.

RTFFirefly: Not saying there’s a connection, but our dorm does house most of the Freshman football team.

To others: We aren’t asking them not to eat (we have a dining hall!), drink (as long as you’re of age) or be merry, but it strikes me as if they could do that without disassembling doors or taking the trashcans. (I wouldn’t have nearly as much of a problem with this if it were easier to catch the perpetrators, but usually we can’t.)

I’ve been in college for a long time now, and I’ve never heard of anything like this happening on our campus. (Perhaps because it’s an all girls school. Drinking punch out of trash cans is just yicky.)

SpasticKitty, are you sure that this is typical behavior?

Netbrian, I agree with you 100%. These clowns deserve a swift kick in the butt and a hard punch in the face.

Unfortunately, Netbrian’s comrades aren’t sticking it to uptight authority figures. They are, emphatically and undeniably, sticking it to other college students.

Inconsiderate people suck. No getting around it or excusing it. They suck. Period.