I should have slept the day away

My boyfriend was going to go to work today. He got up and started getting ready for work, without waking me up.

After he showered, he kindly informed me that we have no heat or hot water. Since I just had the oil tank filled on Tuesday, I knew we hadn’t run out.

I got up to call the oil company. We’re new to the area, and to the oil thing so we don’t know what to do or who to call. Before I called though, I decided to make a fire because it’s actually colder in the house than it is outside. It’s actually a bit over 50° outside and most of our snow has melted.

I built up my fire the same way I always do. I lit it. As I went to put the matches on the mantle, the picture on the mantle fell off and hit me in the shoulder and foot. Owe.

The fire started like normal. Then, it died…completely. I have never had that happen. Even before I got used to building a fire, I could still at least get a little bit of flame to last. Not this time. It’s completely dead.

So, I called the oil company. They are right down the street from us (they work out of their home). We’re waiting for them to come out to take a look at the boiler (the pilot wont stay lit). We have no clue how much this is going to cost us. Do we need a new boiler or just a new part? Is it something very expensive or just mildly annoying?

So, I went to brush my teeth. I have very sensitive teeth. I usually have a hard time brushing them because our mixing valve is broken and the water is generally too hot for me. I have to plan my teeth brushing wisely so I get the water when it’s just lukewarm. Today though, it’s ice cold. I finished brushing 10 minutes ago and my whole mouth is still throbbing.

I suppose I should be happy though that the coffee was only tepid because if it had been hot, my teeth probably would have shattered from the cold water, hot coffee combo.

I’ve been up for 20 minutes now. I’m tempted to just go back to bed. I’m worried about what else might happen today.

Yikes! Good luck today…lots of room for things to improve. :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s one way of looking at things. It COULD get better.

I gave myself a deep splinter while fixing my fire. It’s right on the inside of my little finger knuckle. I can’t see it but I can feel it. Owie.
I am going to sit here on my couch, with my computer and avoid touching sharp things.

We had the same issue with an oil furnace. The line would get clogged. Not all the time, just often enough to be a hassle. The only fix offered was a new tank. We couldn’t afford that so we put up with it for a few years and then converted to natural gas when the city extended the gas line to our neighborhood. I hope your problem has an easy fix!

Yeah, I’d go back to bed.

Your fire – is the flue open?

So, the heating guy just left.

He got the boiler started and said they’ll add the $75 to the card we bought the oil with. That’s about $425 less than we were expecting for an emergency Sunday visit.

He also said there’s no reason at all for us to replace the boiler. We should replace the burner, which will run us about $1000 but the almost $10000 to replace the whole boiler is pointless and a waste of money. Oh, and he said it needs a tuneup, which will run about $100.
So, the heating guy says to just replace the burner.
The plumber says to replace the whole boiler.
The home inspector says to probably replace the whole thing but to talk to an expert.

I’m more inclined to believe the heating guy.

Any opinions on this?

Oh, my finger doesn’t hurt anymore but we still can’t get the stupid fire to catch. What the hell?

Yes, the flue is open. We never closed it but I double checked anyway.

I am out of pine cones now. Damn.

If this most recent attempt doesn’t catch, I’m gonna use a Duraflame log.

Is converting to gas an option? I don’t know where you live, but in the US you can get tax credits for converting to more energy-efficient heating.

When we converted, it didn’t cost anything for the furnace or installation. The gas company did the installation and added a percentage of the cost to each month’s bill. We sold the house before it was paid off, and we paid off the gas company from the sale proceeds. The gas was cheaper and way more convenient (and cleaner) than oil. And reliable. I don’t know if gas companies/utilities are still doing this, but it’s worth looking into.

It is an option. Electric is also. We’re still trying to decide which way to go.

We like the idea of electric with solar panels on the roof.

We’ve both had gas most of our lives so we’re comfortable with that.

On the flip side though, the boiler may be a dinosaur but it’s supposedly very reliable (once the burner is replaced).
We both want to change it over to something else and we have the money, rather HE has the money. I have $7 to my name and my worker’s comp was just cut off.

But, we can’t decide which we’d prefer.

Also, we aren’t going to do anything until the place actually closes. We’re living here because the sellers were nice to us but we’re technically short term renters.

Once we have the closing, we’ll have to pay them for letting us live here since Thanksgiving, along with the closing fees. After that, we’ll know exactly how much we can put into making the heating system more energy efficient and earth friendly.

If you haven’t closed yet, and are, in fact, short term renters, shouldn’t the seller be paying to fix the furnace today?

I’ve heard this about boilers. I lived in a house for a couple years that had hot water heat (radiators). The boiler was original, in a house built in the early 1900’s. The inspector said those things last a long time.

Hot water heat is awesome. Quiet and clean, even better than gas, but probably difficult to install in an existing house.

fritos make great fire starters.

picunurse The probably should be paying for it but we’re not going to bug them for $75. The reason we haven’t closed yet is because our mortgage guy handed us off to someone else and she’s a twit. It’s not their fault it hasn’t closed yet and other than not doing any major repairs and not yet getting a dog, we consider it our place. Besides that, we knew about the possible repairs and the boiler was a major factor in us getting this place for $15k under the asking price.

AuntiePam We have cast iron hot water baseboard heat. They’re ugly as hell but they hold heat for a really long time. We generally have the thermostat set around 63 or 64 and it’s quite comfy in here.

rocking chair Tempting as that is, I don’t think I could stand the smell of burning Fritos.

So, after yet another failed attempt to start a fire**, I decided to just go to work with my boyfriend and keep him company.

We got on 84 and almost immediately hit heavy traffic. Getting on the Pike was a nightmare.

Shortly after we passed the rest area though the traffic cleared up and we had a decent drive to RI.

But, while I was driving, my best friend texted my boyfriend. She was having some personal problems and wanted to talk if he was at work. She ended up going to the beach.

When we got to his work, I texted her and said we were there if she wanted to talk. She showed up and the 3 of us talked while my boyfriend worked. We were able to cheer her up a bit. Then, I suggested we go get $8 milkshakes (a signal meaning, let’s go to Twin River Casino). I got my boyfriend’s debit card and the two of us took off. We got our shakes (yummy peppermint for me!) and we each had $20 for gambling (courtesy of the lovely boyfriend). She lost hers pretty quickly but was having fun watching me play.
Anyway, I won a mystery jackpot!!! I got $257!!! We were both so excited and she had a blast. She was smiling and laughing. We decided to lie to my boyfriend about the winnings (because it was funny). I printed out a coupon that said I had .27 remaining. When we got back to the station, I gave him the coupon and told him it was his change. He took it well.

We couldn’t stop giggling though so I gave him the rest of the money. He was very very excited also. He kept shuffling through it like he didn’t believe it.

After he finished up at work, the three of us met my best friend’s husband and son at the theater and we saw the Chipmunk movie. It was just as silly and sickeningly cute as we expected and we all enjoyed it very much.

After that, my boyfriend and I went to Uno’s for dinner.

Oh my. That was the best food I’ve had in a long long time. I had chili. It was incredibly good. I told the waitress and she said she’d tell the cooks. Then, I had this chicken thing. Can’t remember what it was called but it had chicken (obviously) veggies, cheese, noodles. It was sooooo good. I was practically drooling as I was eating it.

As we were leaving, I told the manager that the food was amazing and our server was really good.

Then we got home and the two of us went for a walk around the neighborhood and then my boyfriend spent a couple hours on the phone with his friend in Florida which meant I got to watch a couple hours of Absolutely Fabulous without him complaining. :smiley:

The winnings paid for the movie and dinner and reimbursed my boyfriend for letting us go to the casino on his dime. The rest will go into the Disney fund (Two Weeks!!!)

This morning, I was copied on an email conversation between the lawyer and the twit. She said her underwriter is going over the mortgage stuff and we should have a closing date soon. Once that and the Disney trip are out of the way, we can finally get a DOG!!!

** I figured out what the problem with the fire is. The wood we’re using is from the bottom of the stack which means it was on the top of the pile outside. We forgot to cover the wood before the snow came last week which means the top logs were snowy and wet when we covered them. So, the current batch must be the damp stuff.
All in all, I’m glad I didn’t just go back to bed. The day turned out really well. I’m also glad we went to the casino, and not just for the money. I got my best friend a slot machine charm for her bracelet. Every charm she has means something to her. I got the slot machine because the first time either of us went to a casino was in 1999, when we were both 19. We both like slots and while I was in NY, I’d go with my sister and she’d go with my boyfriend. Now that I’m back, we can finally go together. Yesterday was the first time that we’ve gone together since we were 19. Now I just have to remember to bring the charm with me so she can have it!

What a terrific day after an unpromising beginning! I’m glad your day turned out so kindly, congodwarf!

Disney on your horizon … sigh

Be sure to do at least one Kim Possible adventure if you hit Epcot!

We plan to spend at least one full day at Epcot since our last trip was somewhat shortened by that damn hurricane.

There are Kim Possible Adventures? Hmm. It seems I need to do some research on changes to the park!

So do “java jackets,” those cardboard sleeves they put on your cup at Starbucks and such.

OOOOOO Ab Fab!!!